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White Bomberman is the main hero of the Bomberman Series. He has many names such as Bomber, Bomb, White Bomber, and simply Bomberman. His ability is to throw bombs with incredible power and aim. He has a rival in Black Bomberman, and is rumored to be the boyfriend of Pink Bomberman.


As expected, Bomberman is confirmed to be the main character of The Wii game of the same name. He is confirmed to be fighting Black Bomberman to save his girlfriend Pink Bomberman.

Super Nintendo LegecyEdit

Bomberman is confirmed to be playable in Super Nintendo Legecy. He is the second to last character to be unlocked (before Sonic the Hedgehog), as he is Third Party.

Planet AdventureEdit

Bomberman is the main character of the game Bomberman: Fire Panic. He is sent to defeat his arch nemesis, Plasma Bomber, who was transformed. This will probably be his biggest adventure.


Super Smash Brothers: Superstar Saga MovelistEdit

Bomb: Bomberman throws a bomb.

Side-Kick: Bomberman kicks a bomb to the opponent.

Up-Bomb Cannon: Bomberman puts a bomb below him and explodes, which propels him upwards.

Down-Time Bomb: Bomberman puts a bomb that takes 3 seconds to explode.

Final Smash-Chaos Bomber!: Bomberman holds a giant bomb with a skull on it! He was invincible while holding, and ends when he throws it at the foes.

Megaton Touch! 2Edit


Bomberman becomes a playable character in Party Mode.

Nintendo: Superstar HeroEdit

Bomberman was a playable character in this game, and he also had his story where he team up with Sonic the Hedgehog.

Bomberman Go!Edit

Bomberman was a main character in this game, where he is rumored to be transform into one of his forms (from Bomberman Quest) when a fairy Mimi puts a spell him.

Sonic and BombermanEdit

As expected, Bomberman is confirmed to be the one of the main characters of Sonic and Bomberman. He is confirmed to be fighting Shadow the Hedgehog to save Sonic.


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