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Super Smash Bros. Uproar is the upcoming sixth Super Smash Bros. game for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, which is to be released sometime in 2015.


The gameplay is the same as in Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale






Starter CharactersEdit

Image Name Special Moves Version
112px Mario Standard Special Move: Fireball
Side Special Move: Cape
Up Special Move: Tanooki Tail
Down Special Move: Star Spin
Super Smash: Starman
Final Smash: Mario Finale
112px Peach Standard Special Move: Joy Vibe
Side Special Move: Peach Bomber
Up Special Move: Peach Parasol
Down Special Move: Vegetable
Super Smash: Calm Vibe
Final Smash: Peach Blossom
112px Bowser Standard Special Move: Fire Breath
Side Special Move: Flying Slam
Up Special Move: Whirling Fortress
Down Special Move: Bowser Bomb
Super Smash: Goomba Storm
Final Smash: Giga Bowser
125px Wario Standard Special Move: Chomp
Side Special Move: Shoulder Bash
Up Special Move: Corkscrew
Down Special Move: Wario Waft
Super Smash: Earthshake Punch
Final Smash: Wario-Man
Wii U, NRS
112px Yoshi Standard Special Move: Egg Lay
Side Special Move: Egg Roll
Up Special Move: Egg Throw
Down Special Move: Yoshi Bomb
Super Smash: Large Eggs
Final Smash: Super Dragon
112px Donkey Kong Standard Special Move: Giant Punch
Side Special Move: Headbutt
Up Special Move: Spinning Kong
Down Special Move: Hand Slap
Super Smash: Banana Barrel
Final Smash: Konga Beat
112px Diddy Kong Standard Special Move: Peanut Popgun
Side Special Move: Monkey Flip
Up Special Move: Rocketbarrel Blast
Down Special Move:
Super Smash: Red Card
Final Smash: Rocketbarrel Barrage
112px Pit Standard Special Move: Palutena's Arrow
Side Special Move: Upperdash Arm
Up Special Move: Wings of Icarus
Down Special Move: Guardian Orbitars
Super Smash: Miracle of Flight
Final Smash: Palutena's Army
112px Ice Climbers Standard Special Move: Ice Shot
Side Special Move: Squall Hammer
Up Special Move: Belay
Down Special Move: Blizzard
Super Smash: Rescue
Final Smash: Iceberg
112px Link Standard Special Move: Bow
Side Special Move: Boomerang
Up Special Move: Spin Attack
Down Special Move: Bomb
Super Smash: Jump Strike
Final Smash: Triforce Slash
112px Zelda/Sheik Standard Special Move: Nayru's Love/Needle Storm
Side Special Move: Din's Fire/Chain
Up Special Move: Farore's Wind/Vanish
Down Special Move: Transform
Super Smash: Song of Time/Song of Storms
Final Smash: Light Arrow
Wii U, NRS
112px Kirby Standard Special Move: Inhale
Side Special Move: Hammer
Up Special Move: Final Cutter
Down Special Move: Stone
Super Smash: Mike
Final Smash: Ultra Sword
112px Meta Knight Standard Special Move: Mach Tornado
Side Special Move: Drill Rush
Up Special Move: Shuttle Loop
Down Special Move: Dimensional Cape
Super Smash: Meta Quick
Final Smash: Galaxia Darkness
Wii U, NRS
112px Samus Standard Special Move: Charge Shot/Paralyzer
Side Special Move: Missile/Plasma Whip
Up Special Move: Screw Attack/Plasma Wire
Down Special Move: Bomb/Flip Jump
Super Smash: Light Cocoon
Final Smash: Zero Laser/Power Suit Samus
112px Fox Standard Special Move: Blaster
Side Special Move: Fox Illusion
Up Special Move: Fire Fox
Down Special Move: Reflector
Super Smash: Plasma Cannon
Final Smash: Landmaster
75px Lucas Standard Special Move: Offense-Up
Side Special Move: PK Freeze
Up Special Move: PK Thunder
Down Special Move: Psi Magnet
Super Smash: PK Life-Up
Final Smash: PK Love
Wii U, NRS
112px Ike Standard Special Move: Eruption
Side Special Move: Quick Draw
Up Special Move: Aether
Down Special Move: Counter
Super Smash: Greil Mercenaries
Final Smash: Great Aether
Wii U, NRS
112px Pikachu Standard Special Move: Thunder Jolt
Side Special Move: Iron Tail
Up Special Move: Quick Attack
Down Special Move: Thunder
Super Smash: Light Ball
Final Smash: Volt Tackle
112px Pokémon Trainer Standard Special Move: Water Gun/Bullet Seed/Flamethrower
Side Special Move: Withdraw/Razor Leaf/Rock Smash
Up Special Move: Waterfall/Vine Whip/Fly
Down Special Move: Pokémon Change
Super Smash: Pledge
Final Smash: Triple Finish
112px Olimar Standard Special Move: Pikmin Pluck
Side Special Move: Pikmin Throw
Up Special Move: Pikmin Chain
Down Special Move: Pikmin Order
Super Smash: Ultraspicy Spray
Final Smash: End of Day
Wii U, NRS

Unlockable CharactersEdit

Image Name Special Moves How to Unlock Version
71px Luigi Standard Special Move: Thunderhand
Side Special Move: Green Missile
Up Special Move: Super Jump Punch
Down Special Move: Poltergust 3000
Super Smash: Snack Basket
Final Smash: Negative Zone
Clear Classic Mode with no continues All
70px Dr. Mario Standard Special Move: Mega Vitamin
Side Special Move: Virus Toss
Up Special Move: Stethoscope
Down Special Move: X-Ray
Super Smash: Vaccine
Final Smash: Mega Vitamin Madness
Clear Classic Mode with Mario 3DS, NRS
70px Bowser Jr. Standard Special Move: Fire Blast
Side Special Move: Paint Splatter
Up Special Move: Koopaling Clown Kart
Down Special Move: Withdraw
Super Smash: Shadow Mario
Final Smash: Airship Armada
Clear Adventure mode with Bowser Wii U, NRS
70px Daisy Standard Special Move: Flower Swing
Side Special Move: Super Ball
Up Special Move: Bunny Flight
Down Special Move: Crystal Smash
Super Smash: Daisy Field
Final Smash: Petal Tornado
Taunt 1000 times Wii U, NRS
70px Paper Mario Standard Special Move: Partner Exchange/Stone Cap
Side Special Move: Partner Ability
Up Special Move: Dimensional Flip
Down Special Move: Badge Equip
Super Smash: Pure Hearts
Final Smash: Supernova
Collect all Paper Mario series trophies 3DS, NRS
70px Toad Standard Special Move: Spore Burst
Side Special Move: Poison Shroom
Up Special Move: Toad Twist
Down Special Move: Vegetable
Super Smash: Golden Mushroom
Final Smash: Starshroom
Hit all characters, Assist Trophy characters, and Pokémon in the Role Call All
70px King Boo Standard Special Move: Spirit Blaze
Side Special Move: Phase Dash
Up Special Move: Levitate
Down Special Move: Boo Summon
Super Smash: Possess
Final Smash: Boo Army
Use Luigi's Down Special 20 times 3DS, NRS
70px Waluigi Standard Special Move: Liar Ball
Side Special Move: Whirluigi
Up Special Move: Twist Dunk
Down Special Move: Wall-Luigi
Super Smash: Spiny Shell
Final Smash: Bob-Omb Cannon
Collect 100 stickers NRS
70px R.O.B. Standard Special Move: Robo Beam
Side Special Move: Arm Rotor
Up Special Move: Robo Burner
Down Special Move: Gyro
Super Smash: Power Rev
Final Smash: Diffusion Beam
Collect 250 trophies Wii U, NRS
70px Little Mac Standard Special Move: Star Punch
Side Special Move: Infiltrate
Up Special Move: Uppercut
Down Special Move: Star Block
Super Smash: Pink Jogging Suit
Final Smash: Giga Mac
Clear Boss Battles with no continues All
70px Ganondorf Standard Special Move: Thunder Orb
Side Special Move: Darkness Slash
Up Special Move: Dark Flight
Down Special Move: Earthquake Punch
Super Smash: Wicked Blaze
Final Smash: Dark Beast Ganon
Clear Classic mode on Hard or higher with Link or Zelda All
70px Toon Link Standard Special Move: Whirlwind
Side Special Move: Boomerang
Up Special Move: Spin Attack
Down Special Move: Skull Hammer
Super Smash: Song of Birds
Final Smash: Pirate Ship Bombard
Clear Classic mode after clearing the Celestial Crusade Wii U, NRS
70px Toon Zelda/Tetra Standard Special Move: Bow of Light/Boomerang
Side Special Move: Anjean's Light/Bomb
Up Special Move: Warp Wind/Grappling Hook
Down Special Move: Transform
Super Smash: Spirit Guard/Phantom
Final Smash: Lokomo Prayer/Pirate Ship Bombard
Clear Adventure Mode with both Zelda and Sheik Wii U, NRS
70px Young Link Standard Special Move: Slingshot
Side Special Move: Blast Mask
Up Special Move: Spin Attack
Down Special Move: Mask Switch
Super Smash: Epona's Song
Final Smash: Fierce Deity Link
Clear Adventure mode with 10 characters 3DS, NRS
70px King Dedede Standard Special Move: Inhale
Side Special Move: Waddle Dee Toss
Up Special Move: Super Dedede Jump
Down Special Move: Jet Hammer
Super Smash: Masked Dedede
Final Smash: HR-D3
Clear Classic mode on Normal or higher as Kirby or Meta Knight All
70px Waddle Dee Standard Special Move: Spear Throw
Side Special Move: Parasol Spin
Up Special Move: Waddle Copter
Down Special Move: Megaton Punch
Super Smash: Maxim Tomato
Final Smash: Waddle Dee Army
Clear Adventure mode as King Dedede All
70px Prince Fluff Standard Special Move: Yarn Whip
Side Special Move: Off-Roader
Up Special Move: Parachute
Down Special Move: Weight
Super Smash: Magic Yarn
Final Smash: Tankbot
Clear Adventure mode with 30 characters Wii U, NRS
70px Starfy Standard Special Move: Star Spin
Side Special Move: Ultra Star Spin
Up Special Move: Warp Cauldron
Down Special Move: Shooting Star
Super Smash: Starly
Final Smash: Monstar
Swim a combined total of 1000 ft 3DS, NRS
70px Dark Samus Standard Special Move: Phazon Discharge
Side Special Move: Phazon Scattershot
Up Special Move: Phazon Tackle
Down Special Move: Phazon Shield
Super Smash: Ridley Rampage
Final Smash: Phazon Overload
Use Samus's White Team palette swap 30 times in battles Wii U, NRS
70px Wii Fit Trainer Standard Special Move: Volleyball
Side Special Move: Segway
Up Special Move: Hula Hoop
Down Special Move: Lotus Focus
Super Smash: Rhythm Boxing
Final Smash: Wii Fit
Run a combined total of 10000 ft Wii U, NRS
70px Falco Standard Special Move: Dual Blasters
Side Special Move: Sniper Rifle
Up Special Move: Jetpack
Down Special Move: Reflector
Super Smash: Rocket Launcher
Final Smash: Arwing
Clear 100-Man Battle Wii U, NRS
70px Slippy Standard Special Move: Gatling Gun
Side Special Move: Grenade
Up Special Move: Fire Toad
Down Special Move: Sensor Bomb
Super Smash: Super Reflector
Final Smash: Demon Launcher
Clear Boss Battles with Fox or Falco 3DS, NRS
70px Tom Nook Standard Special Move: Slingshot
Side Special Move: Furniture
Up Special Move: Balloon
Down Special Move: Item Sale
Super Smash: Nookington's
Final Smash: All-Out Sale
Collect 10 trophies via Coin Launcher 3DS, NRS
70px Villager Standard Special Move: Emptying Pockets
Side Special Move: Axe
Up Special Move: Fishing Rod
Down Special Move: Umbrella
Super Smash: K.K. Slider
Final Smash: Frenzy
Throw 100 Pitfalls Wii U, NRS
70px Ness Standard Special Move: PK Flash
Side Special Move: PK Fire
Up Special Move: PK Teleport
Down Special Move: Psi Reflector
Super Smash: PK Offense-Up
Final Smash: PK Rockin
Reflect 10 projectiles All
70px Ninten Standard Special Move: PK Beam
Side Special Move: PK Brainshock
Up Special Move: PK Teleport
Down Special Move: Power Shield
Super Smash: PK Defense-Up
Final Smash: Eight Melodies
Collect 100 Franklin Badges 3DS, NRS
70px Lip Standard Special Move: Puzzle Piece
Side Special Move: Position Swap
Up Special Move: Watabou
Down Special Move: Flower Growth
Super Smash: Rainbow Beam
Final Smash: Tetris Attack
Play 30 Special Battles 3DS, NRS
70px Marth Standard Special Move: Shield Breaker
Side Special Move: Dancing Blade
Up Special Move: Dolphin Slash
Down Special Move: Counter
Super Smash: Reinforcements
Final Smash: Critical Hit
Clear Classic mode All
70px Roy Standard Special Move: Sword of Seals Slash
Side Special Move: Sword Throw
Up Special Move: Dragon Slash
Down Special Move: Trip
Super Smash: Fire Flash
Final Smash: Sword Menace
Clear Classic as Marth with no continues 3DS, NRS
70px Isaac Standard Special Move: Helm
Side Special Move: Move
Up Special Move: Teleport
Down Special Move: Quake
Super Smash: Summon
Final Smash: Rockfall
Clear Target Test with all starter characters All
70px Lucario Standard Special Move: Aura Sphere
Side Special Move: Force Palm
Up Special Move: Xtreme Speed
Down Special Move: Double Team
Super Smash: Close Combat
Final Smash: Aura Storm
Clear Target Test with any character on each difficulty Wii U, NRS
70px Jigglypuff Standard Special Move: Rollout
Side Special Move: Pound
Up Special Move: Puff Up
Down Special Move: Rest
Super Smash: Self-Destruct
Final Smash: Sing
Clear 20+ Event Matches after clearing the Celestial Crusade All
70px Mewtwo Standard Special Move: Shadow Ball
Side Special Move: Psycho Cut
Up Special Move: Teleport
Down Special Move: Disable
Super Smash: Psystrike
Final Smash: Mewtwonite Y
Play 20 collective hours of battles 3DS, NRS
70px Pichu Standard Special Move: Thunder Jolt
Side Special Move: Grass Knot
Up Special Move: Agility
Down Special Move: Charm
Super Smash: Static
Final Smash: Discharge
Use each starter character in Vs. Mode NRS
70px Victini Standard Special Move: Searing Shot
Side Special Move: Zen Headbutt
Up Special Move: Flame Charge
Down Special Move: Work Up
Super Smash: Invisibility
Final Smash: V-Create
Use 100 Cloaking Devices All
70px(PICTURE TO BE CHANGED) Hoenn Trainer Standard Special Move: Blaze Kick/Muddy Water/Absorb
Side Special Move: Flame Wheel/Mud Shot/Energy Ball
Up Special Move: Heat Crash/Whirlpool/Leaf Blade
Down Special Move: Pokémon Change
Super Smash: Pledge
Final Smash: Triple Finish
70px Mr. Game & Watch Standard Special Move: Pancake
Side Special Move: Judge
Up Special Move: Fire
Down Special Move: Oil Panic
Super Smash: Rainshower
Final Smash: Octopus
Clear Target Test with 30 characters NRS
70px Balloon Fighter Standard Special Move: Helium Pump
Side Special Move: Flipper
Up Special Move: Balloon Pipe
Down Special Move: Balloon Inflate
Super Smash: The Fish
Final Smash: Score Breaker
Jump 5000 times Wii U, NRS
70px Sukapon Standard Special Move: Tondeker
Side Special Move: Sukapon Roll
Up Special Move: Sky Dragon
Down Special Move: Astrong
Super Smash: Joy Mech Fight
Final Smash: Sukapon Stand-Up
Throw 1000 projectiles 3DS, NRS
70px Captain Falcon Standard Special Move: Falcon Punch
Side Special Move: Raptor Boost
Up Special Move: Falcon Dive
Down Special Move: Falcon Kick
Super Smash: Mach Charge
Final Smash: Blue Falcon
Clear Classic mode in under 12 minutes All
70px Louie Standard Special Move: Pluckaphone
Side Special Move: Pikmin Toss
Up Special Move: Bumbling Snitchbug
Down Special Move: Pikmin Order
Super Smash: Pikmin Swarm
Final Smash: Titan Dweevil
Clear 15-Minute Battle 3DS, NRS
70px Andy Standard Special Move: Machine Gun
Side Special Move: Motorcycle
Up Special Move: Parachute
Down Special Move: Bazooka
Super Smash: Heal
Final Smash: Tactical Strike
Clear all Event Matches 3DS, NRS
70px Mii Standard Special Move: Wii Zapper
Side Special Move: Trumpet
Up Special Move: Skydive
Down Special Move: Pop Mii
Super Smash: Edit Mii
Final Smash: Mii Parade
Play 10 battles with 100 Miis stored on the system All
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AoW Series
The Adventures of WhiteThe Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula
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A game starring Zentech Studios' mascot, White, as he tries to stop the Dark Matter from taking over the universe.
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Original Series Games
AoW Series
The Adventures of WhiteThe Adventures of White in the Negative Nebula
TLoC Series
The Legend of Cielo
AoS Series
Ace of Spades
VD Series
Viran's Destiny
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Kirby Super All-StarsKirby Air Ride RushMagolor's QuestKirby Super Star NitroKirby and the Copy ComputerKirby Battle Royale
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Ace Ace of Spades White
Viran Viran's Destiny White
Quaz Soulstorm White
Vellfir Metallix White
Scotch General's Journey Fandro
Greenkiss All-Star Squad Adventures Asuna
Ryouka Silver Bay Islands Asuna
Acadia Solstices of Space Icaadan
Stadais Secret Sorcerers Society Icaadan
Ethan and Devyn Backflash Icaadan
Super Squirrel Super Squirrel Yellow
Poopy Head The Misadventures of Poopy Head Yellow
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