Super Smash Bros. Clash is a Super Smash Bros. game developed by Hammy Games Inc. and Sora Ltd. It is the fifth installment in the series, succeeding Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U.



This mode is designed for multiplayer, but can be played solo.


This mode remains the same as previous games, with the addition of new characters, items, stages, assist trophies and palette swaps.

Smash RunEdit

See how far you can get, collecting stickers to power up and defeating enemies along the way. Don't forget to collect those trophies!


The Zero ConquestEdit

1-2 players

The story mode for the game, much like the Subspace Emissary from Brawl. This is also an alternitave way to unlock most characters.


1 player

This mode remains pretty much the same as in previous games.


1 player

This mode hasn't been altered very much.


1-2 players

Compete in a variety of events to come on top! You'll get a special reward for completing them all...

Online PlayEdit

Compete with players from all over the world and attempt to come out on top!



Image Name Description Attacks
Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Mario

SSB Mario Series

Mario is the Mushroom Kingdom's most famous plumber! He is a very balanced character, with a good jump too! His moveset has a good array of projectile and close range attacks, so there is no need to worry when Mario is on the case! Neutral: Fireball

Side: Hammer

Up: Super Jump

Down: ? Block

Final Smash: Warp Pipe Mayhem

Peach Peach

SSB Mario Series

Peach is no damsel in distress this time! She is a light character, but packs a punch. She can hover in the air for a short time, with aid of her Joy Vibe. On top of that, her Parasol move lets her glide for even longer! Neutral: Toad

Side: Peach Bomber

Up: Parasol

Down: Striker Kick

Final Smash: Peach Vibes

Bowser SSB4 Bowser

SSB Mario Series

The Koopa King is ready to take out his foes! Armed with fire breath and a spiky shell, Bowser sure is one tough opponent! But he is very slow and has a bad jump in exchange for his brute force. Neutral: Fire Breath

Side: Shell Slide

Up: Koopa Clown Car

Down: Bowser Bomber

Final Smash: Koopa Troops

Captain Toad

Captain Toad SSB Mario Series


Captain Toad treks in! The famous Toad explorer is ready for battle, armed with his trusty pickaxe! He is nimble with a good jump, but lacks power. Neutral: Headlamp

Side: Pack Up!

Up: Grappling Hook

Down: Pickaxe

Final Smash: Toad Brigade

Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Yoshi

SSB Yoshi Series

Yoshi flutters into battle! Yoshi is an all-around fighter, with great speed, excelling jump and decent power. His long tongue and eggs can act as ranged attacks and he's got some pretty strong melee attacks too! Neutral: Tongue

Side: Egg Toss

Up: Flutter Wings

Down: Egg Shield

Final Smash: Mega Eggdozer

Baby Bros

Baby Bros. SSB Yoshi Series


Baby Mario and Baby Luigi are ready to brawl! They act as a pair, much like the Ice Climbers. Despite being small, a lot of their moves make up for their lack of height and speed. These are by far the toughest babies I've seen! Neutral: Hammer

Side: Goo Goo Buggy

Up: Bro. Tower

Down: Mix Flower

Final Smash: Pocket Chomp

200px Wario

SSB Wario Series

Wario is the greedy rival of Mario, and owner of WarioWare. He is a slow character, but he is also pretty strong. His Wario Bike allows him to go much faster though. His alternate costumes are unique, in the fact that he has variations of his biker outfit and his overalls. Neutral: Money Magnet

Side: Wario Bike

Up: Corkscrew

Down: Mega Fart

Final Smash: Wario Man

200px Donkey Kong

SSB Donkey Kong Series

DK swings in! The king of the jungle moves with surprising speed, considering his size. He is also pretty powerful! However, his moveset doesn't have much variety, consisting mainly of physical attacks. Neutral: DK Headbutt

Side: Spin

Up: Vine

Down: Ground Slam

Final Smash: Barrel Toss


Diddy Kong & Dixie Kong SSB Donkey Kong Series


Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong monkey around! These two act as a duo, like the Ice Climbers. Unlike the Ice Climbers, these two stick together at all times. Neutral: Diddy Popgun

Side: Somersault

Up: Dixie Hair-Copter

Down: Banana

Final Smash: Rocketbarrel Barrage

200px Kirby

SSB Kirby Series

Kirby flies in! Kirby is the most lovable character ever. C'mon, you can't deny it. He is a very light character with multiple jumps. Don't let his cute looks fool you though, Kirby is a very formidable foe. Neutral: Inhale

Side: Warp Star Dash

Up: Final Cutter

Down: Stone

Final Smash: Hypernova

200px King DeDeDe

SSB Kirby Series

King DeDeDe is the greedy king of Dreamland, and an ally of Kirby. He is a slow character but has a great jump to make up for it. He usually relies on his minions, but he's giving it a shot himself. Granted, he uses his minions in his moveset... Neutral: Gordo Throw

Side: Hammer

Up: Super DeDeDe Jump

Down: Rocket Hammer

Final Smash: Waddle Army

200px Pikachu

SSB Pokémon Series

Pikachu shocks the competition! This electric mouse Pokémon is speedy and light, so be wary when being blasted. To cover for this, Pikachu's Thunderwave can paralyze foes for a short time! Neutral: Thunderbolt

Side: Iron Tail

Up: Quick Attack

Down: Thunderwave

Final Smash: Discharge

200px Lucario

SSB Pokémon Series

Lucario is the Aura Pokémon and a Fighting/Steel type, making for a pretty strong opponent! He is speedy and powerful, overall an excellent fighter. Neutral: Aura Sphere

Side: Power-Up Punch

Up: Extreme Speed

Down: Low Sweep

Final Smash: Mega Evolve

200px Charizard

SSB Pokémon Series

Charizard is all fired up! This Fire/Flying type Pokémon is a heavyweight with the ability to jump multiple times, similarly to Kirby and Pit. His fiery attacks will scorch anyone who blocks his way! Are you feeling the heat yet? Neutral: Flamethrower

Side: Fire Fang

Up: Fly

Down: Rock Smash

Final Smash: Mega Charizard X

200px Pokémon Trainer

SSB Pokémon Series Semi-Newcomer!

Go! Turtwig! Quilava! Greninja! Pokémon Trainer returns with a new team, revised to fit other generations. Turtwig is of average speed with a low jump. He has more ranged attacks than his companions. Quilava is the slowest Pokémon on the team, but he packs a punch. All his attacks have a fire aspect, with the exception of his standard attacks. Greninja's stats remain mostly unchanged from the previous two titles, with the exception of his moveset. Neutral: Razor Leaf / Smokescreen / Water Shuriken

Side: Energy Ball / Flame Wheel / Surf

Up: Leaf Storm / Will-O-Wisp / Substitute

Down: Switch Out

Final Smash: Triple Finish

200px Link

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Link, the hero of Hyrule, is ready for battle! Armed with his bow and sword, Link is good at both long range and short range. He can do a tether recovery to make up for his less than average jump. He is quite nimble and his Smash Attacks often rely on his sword. Despite his Special moveset being the same as in Super smash bros. Brawl, he plays very differently, a bit more akin to Hyrule Warriors. Neutral: Hero's Bow

Side: Gale Boomerang

Up: Spin Attack

Down: Bomb

Final Smash: Triforce Slash

200px Zelda

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Zelda returns to battle! She appears more akin to her Hyrule Warriors design by default, but this can be changed with alternate costumes. She is a ranged fighter, mostly using magic attacks, but she makes use of her rapier with some of her standard attacks. She can also become Sheik through the use of her Down Special move. Neutral: Phantom Slash

Side: Wind Waker

Up: Light Force

Down: Transform

Final Smash: Triforce of Wisdom

150px Sheik

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

200px Samus

SSB Metroid Series

Samus suits up! The intergalactic bounty hunter returns to fight. She once again shares a slot with Zero Suit Samus, but this time you can choose who to begin with. She is slower and has worse jump than her zero suit self, but is more powerful. TBA
200px Zero Suit Samus

SSB Metroid Series

Zero Suit Samus is a veteran fighter, skilled with her laser gun. She is quicker than her armor-clad self and has a great jump thanks to her rocket boots. However, she lacks brute strength. TBA
200px Fox

SSB Star Fox Series

Fox does a barrel roll! A speed-based fighter armed with a ray gun and a reflector, Fox is the captain of Star Fox and an excellent pilot. He remains pretty much the same as in previous installments. TBA
200px Marth

SSB Fire Emblem Series

Marth, the hero prince, returns to the battlefield! He is a speed based character, dealing the most damage with the tip of his sword. While he isn't as fast as other characters, his quick footwork is his best attribute. TBA
200px Ike

SSB Fire Emblem Series

Ike fights for his friends! He is a powerful fighter, much the opposite of Marth. His sword is heavy, making him rather slow, but he packs a punch! Beware when this big brute is on the battlefield! TBA
200px Lucina

SSB Fire Emblem Series

Lucina challenges fate! Chrom's daughter, Lucina plays very similar to Marth. The key difference, however, is the fact that Lucina's power is balanced all around her blade, unlike Marth. Her moveset differs from Marth a bit, though. TBA
200px Pit

SSB Kid Icarus Series

Pit takes flight! A relatively balanced character, Pit is an angel and servant of Palutena. Thanks to his wings (and the Miracle of Flight), Pit can jump multiple times so he is a good air fighter. He wields an array of weapons, the most well-known one being his bow. TBA
200px Palutena

SSB Kid Icarus Series

200px Little Mac TBA TBA
200px Inkling TBA TBA
200px Mii Brawler


Mii Brawler makes a return, along with his fellow Mii Fighters. Brawler is a close-ranged class, specializing in punches and kicks. However, their moves have a lot of variety to them. See here
200px Mii Swordfighter


Mii Swordfighter is back and better than ever! Armed with a new arsenal of weapons, as well as their trusty sword, Mii Swordfighters are a force to be reckoned with! See here
200px Mii Gunner


Mii Gunners make a return, along with new allies. They have a mysterious arm cannon, capable of shooting all kinds of projectiles. They are much the opposite of Mii Brawlers, having bad close-range combat skills. See here
200px Party Mii

Mii Newcomer!

The Party Mii joins the fray! This Mii Fighter uses moves inspired by games such as Wii Party, Nintendo Land and Tomodachi Life. They are identifiable by their wacky accessories like swimwear, scarves or even fish hats! See here
200px Mii Athlete

Mii Newcomer!

Mii Athlete dashes in! These Mii Fighters use sport-themed moves like tennis, karting and archery. They are recognized by the fact that they are always holding a sports utensil, be it a bowling ball, an oar or even a frisbee! See here


Image Name Description Attacks
200px Luigi

SSB Mario Series

Luigi, the lesser-known brother of Mario is ready to fight once more! He plays similarly to Mario, with less traction and a higher jump. His moveset has been completely revised to use elements from the Luigi's Mansion series alongside some of his other appearances. However, Luigi's moves may take a while to execute. Neutral: Polterpup

Side: Luiginary Ball

Up: Super Jump

Down: Poltergust

Final Smash: Boo Storm

200px Rosalina & Luma


Rosalina and her loyal Luma launch into battle! Rosalina acts as a puppeteer character, being able to control her Luma over far distances. Rosalina is somewhat slow but has an excellent jump to make up for it. Neutral: Star Spin

Side: Luma Shot

Up: Sling Star

Down: Star Bit

Final Smash: Grand Star

200px Paper Mario

SSB Mario Series


Paper Mario folds in! What? Another Mario clone? Fear not, Paper Mario is very unique from his organic form. He is speedy and falls slowly, but isn't that powerful. Being paper-thin, he can dodge attacks easily, too! Neutral: Partner Ability

Side: Hammer

Up: Plane Curse

Down: Partner Swap

Final Smash: Paperize

200px Kamek

SSB Yoshi Series


Kamek teleports in! This Magikoopa is a long-ranged fighter armed with tons of dangerous spells. Watch out for those bubbles! You'll be trapped in them for a short while! Neutral: Magic Blast

Side: Bubbles

Up: Teleport

Down: Broomstick

Final Smash: Toadies

150px150px Shaymin

SSB Pokémon Series Newcomer!

Shaymin graces the battlefield! The gratitude Pokémon is an oddball character with two Formes that it can switch between. Its Land Forme is slow with a bad jump but has great ranged moves, while the opposite applies to Sky Forme. Formes can be switched through the use of the Down Special attack, Gracidea flower. Neutral: Giga Drain / Air Slash

Side: Magical Leaf / Facade

Up: Swift / Air Cutter

Down: Gracidea Flower

Final Smash: Seed Flare


Conquest StagesEdit

Image Name Description Boss
Final Destination

Super Smash Bros.

A flat stage with no gimmicks. This stage is somewhat clockwork themed as cogs and gears spiral around the platform. This stage travels through dimensions, noted by the glimpses of other stages from various franchises down below. Master Hand & Crazy Hand are fought here. They are a powerful duo, capable of creating fireballs, explosions and items out of thin air. They are said to have created every Smasher, so now it's time for them to meet their maker!

Note: Crazy Hand is only fought on Hard or higher.


Galaxy Tour

SSB Mario Series

Ah, Rosalina's lovely home! This is a shifting stage, switching areas every now and then. This stage has Sling Stars in every segment, except for King Kaliante's planet. However, Pull Stars appear in all sections.

You start on the Comet Observatory, a sidescrolling section. Lots of Lumas are here to cheer you on and Polari follows you around, placing Sling Stars and Pull Stars for you and your opponents. When the Smashers reach the Launch Star, he does a Star Spin and throws Star Bits.

Starship Mario doesn't have too much going for it. It has Pull Stars and Sling Stars like the Comet Observatory and even has the Starshroom in the background. Lubba appears here to cheer you on. After a while, he will start to pilot the ship then stop abruptly, launching you and the other Smashers onto King Kaliente's planet.

This section is more dangerous than the other two. It starts off as a flat stage with nowhere to fall from. Gradually, King Kaliente's projectiles will break the ground, exposing lava. His tentacle then hits everyone and blasts them back to the Comet Observatory.

King Kaliente is fought on his lava-filled planet. He will attack with his tentacle and by shooting fiery projectiles from above. If you manage to hit these with a well-timed Smash Attack, they will hit Kaliente!
200px Tick Tock Clock

SSB Mario Series

This game's obligatory Mario Kart track! Like in previous games, Shy Guys will drive by in their karts, damaging anyone they hit. Unlike the previous stages, there are more racers than just Shy Guys. Baby Peach, Lakitu, Birdo, Toad and Toadette will drive among the others. The stage takes place just before the finish line. You'll have to blast your opponents to the side or upwards, because there are no gaps to fall through here. A gear is on each side, both moving in the same direction. If you stand on the wrong gear for too long, you could be KO'd! The direction of the gears will change a short time after the racers pass. Chuckya is a regular Mario-series enemy, albeit a rare one. This one has been modified to be even stronger. It is a close-range fighter with no projectiles whatsoever. It can pick you up and throw you into the sky or even grab you and slam you against the ground. It can also deliver a flurry of powerful punches, often paired with throwing opponents upward for huge amounts of damage.
200px Whispy Woods

SSB Kirby Series

This isn't the Whispy Woods you're used to, this is from Kirby and the Rainbow Curse! Whispy blocks the right-hand side, so you'll have to blast your foes upward or to the left. Sometimes, a rainbow-coloured line will appear, divinding the battlefield. You can stand on this, but try not to get trapped. Whispy might drop apples occasionally. Whispy is the famous tree and recurring Kirby villain. He attacks by blowing strong gusts of wind that could potentially push you off the screen and KO you. Common Kirby enemies might fall from his branches, as well as apples.
200px Distortion World

SSB Pokémon Series

An alternate dimension where time and space cease to exist, also a unique stage in the fact that it has differing kinds of gravity. Occasionally, Giratina will flip the stage so that you are standing on the sides, top or bottom. On the top or bottom, you can walk through the waterfall, but it acts like a body of water with a strong current on the sides. You can jump over the tree when on the bottom and stand on it from the sides. Uxie, Mespirit and Azelf will fly around in the background, spectating the fight. Giratina is a Legendary Pokémon, banished to the Distortion World. In vengeance, he attacks anyone unlucky enough to enter his world. He uses moves like Shadow Force to attack and will constantly flip gravity to his advantage. He may be defeated simply by normal means of attacking, but his health is very high.

3DS/Wii U StagesEdit


Image Name Description Type
200px Smash Ball

Super Smash Bros.

The Smash Ball returns, as in every Super Smash Bros. game! What would this game be without the iconic item? The Smash Ball is a mysterious ball of energy that, when broken, bestows a power known as a Final Smash onto you. Transformation
200px Assist Trophy

Super Smash Bros.

It's the Assist Trophy! This mysterious figurine comes to life when you activate it! Who knows who will appear? Either way, they're going to help you!

See here for a list of Assists.

200px Beam Sword

Super Smash Bros.

Fwoosh! Fwoosh! It's the Beam Sword! This item looks vaguely familiar... Oh well. It delivers slashes on foes that, despite not dealing much knockback, can cause high damage! Battering
200px Home Run Bat

Super Smash Bros.

Home run! Usually used alongside the Sandbag, this sporting item is a force to be dealt with! Be careful when a foe gets one of these! One hit could blast you straight off the screen! Battering
200px Trophy Stand

Super Smash Bros.

This may look like a regular trophy stand, but this can turn living creatures into trophies! Just one simple toss and it flies straight, not stopping until it reaches something to be transformed. These are more common in The Zero Conquest, where they can turn enemies into trophies. Rarely, they will appear in a regular fight and can turn items, assists and Pokémon into trophies.

See here for a list of Trophies.

200px Trophy

Super Smash Bros.

No, this isn't the Assist Trophy. No, this isn't the Trophy Stand. This is, well, a trophy! These are only found in The Zero Conquest and in regular battles when Mew is released from a Pokéball. These depict a random character and will be added to your Vault.

See here for a list of Trophies.

200px Sandbag

Super Smash Bros.

What? This is just a regular sandbag! How can this be worthy of being an item? It's so much more than a sandbag! If you hit it enough, items will appear from it, mainly healing items. Other
200px Party Ball

Super Smash Bros.

Surprise! It's the Party Ball! Who knows what's in here? There's only one way to find out. Pick it up and throw it and items will fall out. Maybe healing items, maybe weapons, or maybe Bob-Ombs! Wait, Bob-Ombs? RUN! Container
Super Scope

Super Smash Bros.

What? It's just a weak console add-on! Surely this can't do anything! That's where you're wrong! This powerful zapper shoots tiny fireballs one after another when you press the attack button. You can charge it up to deliver a bigger and more powerful shot. Shooting
200px Crate

Super Smash Bros.

The crates return from previous games, accompanied by their Barrel variants. They contain random items when broken. Sometimes, the Crates will be on wheels, allowing them to roll, but otherwise, Barrels can roll. Container
200px Striker Ball

SSB Mario Series

This item replaces the Soccer Ball from previous games. Though it functions similarly, a new feature has been added. You can hit it with a Smash Attack, one involving kicking is more effective. However, the ball glows brighter with every hit. From white to red, it gets stronger with every hit too. It isn't lit up when it spawns, then turns white and finally it goes red. Other
200px Pokéball

SSB Pokémon Series

I choose you! The Pokéball is essentially an Assist Trophy, but with Pokémon instead of characters from various franchises. The kind of Pokémon summoned depends on the Pokéball used. Legendaries emerge from Master Balls, Water-types come from Dive Balls, etc.

See here for a list of summonable Pokémon and their attributes.


Beta ElementsEdit

  • There were originally even more Mii Fighters planned
    • Mii Archer would have used a bow and arrow and had various kinds of arrows
    • Mii Scientist would have had potions which all had different effects
    • There was originally a very customizable Mii. You would have chosen base stats, with a limit, then proceed to choose a weapon (if any). Development did not reach any further than this


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