Stages in SSBBR.

Image Name Hazards How to Unlock
112px Battlefield None None
112px Final Destination None None
112px Midair Stadium Primids, Spaaks Clear the Celestial Crusade
112px Waiting Room Sandbag Play 50 Online Battles
112px Isle Delfino Moving platforms None
112px Mushroom Kingdom Sidescrolling None
112px Luigi's Mansion Destructible Terrain Play as Luigi 3 times in battles
112px Mario Circuit Shy Guys driving None
112px Rainbow Cruise Sidescrolling None
112px Princess Peach's Castle Banzai Bills None
112px Comet Observatory None Use Mario 20 times in battles
112px Paper Arena Background falling, Buckets, Audience throwing things, etc. Use Paper Mario 10 times in battles
112px Toad House Goombas, Koopas Collect 100 Mushrooms
112px Warioware, Inc. Microgames None
112px Yoshi's Island Fly Guys None
112px Rumble Falls Sidescrolling None
112px Jungle Japes Klaptraps, Flowing River Use Diddy Kong 20 times in battles
112px Skyworld Breakable Terrain None
112px Summit The Fish None
112px Icicle Mountain Sidescrolling Clear Classic mode on Normal difficulty
112px Pictochat Changing platforms None

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