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Super Pokémon are infinitely strong evolutions of only certain kinds of Pokémon. They replace Mega Evolutions in Pokémon Jade, Topaz and Opal. They increase all of their stats to infinity and they change their appearances and types just like the Mega Evolutions. Super Pokémon have "Super" in their names. These Pokémon are also called "Super Forms".

List of Pokémon with Super FormsEdit

There are a total of 90 Super Pokémon. 13 for the first five regions (except for Sinnoh with 14 Super Forms), 10 for Kalos and Xela, 1 for Gexal and 3 for Rampos. Version exclusive counterparts from Jade will have Beta in their names and version exclusive counterparts from Topaz will have Delta in their names. Only the Beta Super Pokémon will appear for a second time in Opal as "Infinite Super Pokémon".

Pokémon GXEdit

NOTE: Mew is the only Pokémon with a Super Form in Jade and Topaz and an Infinite Super Form in Opal and the Generation IV remakes.

  1. Super Venusaur (Grass/Poison)
  2. Super Charizard (Fire/Chaos (Beta/Infinite);Fire/Dragon (Delta))
  3. Super Blastoise (Water/Tech)
  4. Super Butterfree (Bug/Fairy)
  5. Super Pidgeotto (Normal/Magic)
  6. Super Electrode (Tech/Nuclear)
  7. Super Sandslash (Ground/Steel)
  8. Super Dragonite (Dragon/Water (Beta/Infinite);Dragon/Magic (Delta))
  9. Super Mewtwo (Psychic/Cosmic (Beta/Infinite);Psychic/Magic (Delta))
  10. Super Mew (Psychic/Cosmic (Jade & Topaz);Psychic/Fairy (Opal and DP Remakes))
  11. Super Meganium (Grass/Fairy)
  12. Super Typhlosion (Fire/Rock)
  13. Super Feraligatr (Water/Dark)
  14. Super Noctowl (Dark/Cosmic)
  15. Super Furret (Light/Flying)
  16. Super Ledian (Bug/Magic)
  17. Super Tyranitar (Rock/Dragon)
  18. Super Lugia (Water/Cosmic)
  19. Super Ho-Oh (Fire/Light)
  20. Super Celebi (Cosmic/Grass)
  21. Super Sceptile (Grass/Poison)
  22. Super Blaziken (Fire/Flying)
  23. Super Swampert (Water/Sound)
  24. Super Mightyena (Dark/Fire)
  25. Super Ludicolo (Grass/Water)
  26. Super Shiftry (Grass/Fighting)
  27. Super Groudon (Ground/Dragon)
  28. Super Kyogre (Water/Magic)
  29. Super Rayquaza (Dragon/Electric)
  30. Super Jirachi (Steel/Magic)
  31. Super Torterra (Grass/Rock)
  32. Super Infernape (Fire/Ice)
  33. Super Empoleon (Water/Ice)
  34. Super Staraptor (Normal/Dark)
  35. Super Weavile (Cosmic/Ice)
  36. Super Luxray (Electric/Beast)
  37. Super Lucario (Fighting/Cosmic)
  38. Super Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy)
  39. Super Dialgia (Steel/Dragon)
  40. Super Palkia (Water/Dragon)
  41. Super Victini (Cosmic/Fire)
  42. Super Serperior (Grass/Dragon)
  43. Super Emboar (Fire/Rock)
  44. Super Samurott (Water/Steel)
  45. Super Unfezant (Normal/Dark (Male);Normal/Fairy (Female))
  46. Super Zebstrika (Electric/Fire)
  47. Super Zoroark (Dark/Beast)
  48. Super Reshiram (Dragon/Fire)
  49. Super Zekrom (Dragon/Electric)
  50. Super Genesect (Bug/Tech)
  51. Super Chesnaught (Grass/Steel)
  52. Super Delphox (Fire/Magic)
  53. Super Greninja (Water/Dark)
  54. Super Dragalge (Water/Dragon (exclusive to Jade/TD))/Super Clawitzer (Water/Steel (exclusive to Topaz/MP))
  55. Super Xerneas (Fairy/Grass)
  56. Super Yveltal (Dark/Fire)
  57. Super Ballmech (Steel/Tech)
  58. Super Cosma (Cosmic/Fairy)
  59. Super Clawgon (Dark/Dragon)
  60. Super Ultimani (Cosmic/Water)

Legends of RamposEdit

  1. Super Starmie (Water/Cosmic)
  2. Super Slobro (Water/Light)
  3. Super Farfetch'd (Wind/Fighting)
  4. Super Crobat (Poison/Dark)
  5. Super Ariados (Steel/Poison)
  6. Super Lantern (Water/Electric)
  7. Super Lioone (Normal/Light)
  8. Super Mighyena (Dark/Beast)
  9. Super Sableye (Chaos/Magic)
  10. Super Drifblim (Magic/Flying)
  11. Super Lopunny (Normal/Fairy)
  12. Super Abomasnow (Grass/Ice)
  13. Super Garchomp (Dragon/Steel)
  14. Super Simisage (Grass/Fighting)
  15. Super Simisear (Fire/Light)
  16. Super Simipour (Water/Ice)
  17. Super Talonflame (Fire/Aether)
  18. Super Aegislash (Steel/Fighting)
  19. Super Aromatisse (Fairy/Flying)
  20. Super Volcanion (Dragon/Fire (Gamma);Dragon/Water (Zeta))
  21. Super Foresjump (Grass/Nuclear)
  22. Super Bursticorn (Fire/Magic)
  23. Super Electragon (Dragon/Electric)
  24. Super Simizap (Electric/Wind)
  25. Super Magicallio (Magic/Aether)
  26. Super Plantia (Light/Fairy)
  27. Super Voljolt (Cosmic/Electric)
  28. Super Vividrak (Dragon/Cyber)
  29. Super Fairiflora (Fairy/Grass)
  30. Super Solarusk (Light/Dark)

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