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Logo of Super Mario Star Journey
Developer(s) APIM Group, Inc.
Publisher(s) File:Logo.png
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Release Date(s)
Single Player
50x50px 3Rating
Media Included Wii Optical Disc

Super Mario Star Journey is one of the many Super Mario games for the Wii, produced by APIM Group, Inc. Like Super Mario 64, the player needs to collect Power Stars in different courses. Some elements are also used in the famous Super Mario Galaxy, although it doesn't contain (much) planets.

It is revealed that the main hub is divided in one small hub, and several areas, each containing Warp Pipes, which lead to a different course. Clearing an end course of one area makes appear another area. As in an interview question, Super Mario Star Journey is going have ten areas, with nine of them required before the credits.[1]

Story Edit

Like any other Mario game, Princess Peach got kidnapped by Bowser. However, Bowser also had stolen the Power Stars of the whole Mushroom World, scattered them over the Mushroom World. He also put some Power Stars around his own castle, making it fully protected, and everything else not. He also sent commands to some minions to lock up a few characters in cages, and also protect some Power Stars.

Mario, our hero, has to free Princess Peach, get the Power Stars and save the world.

Mario began at Peach's Castle. It was infested by Goombas and Koopa Troopas. Mario went to the top of the castle, and saw a Grand Star in a tube, which was defended by eight Goombas. Mario stomped the Goombas to get the key to unlock the Grand Star. Then, Mario got access to the first Warp Pipe around his house, which leads to Toad Town.

Toadsworth was shocked that Peach was kidnapped so easily again. He said to Mario that Bowser told him that it was a foretaste of his dubious plan. "After all, I've also got a little secret which is far more dubious", said Bowser to Toadsworth. Not only that, a cage is standing in Toad Town, and not an ordinary cage. The cage has walls instead of bars, and sounds of the prisoner is impossible to hear. Also, the cage can only be opened by an amount of Super Keys. In this case, just one. Mario has to beat the character with the Super Key and has to get the Power Stars of the areas where the Warp Pipes in Toad Town leads to.


Playable Characters Edit

Every Character has a Star Spin, for unknown reasons.

Playable characters can be switched with the use of a Character Pipe, a Warp Pipe with similarities to a Tag Barrel in Donkey Kong 64. When jumping in a Character Pipe, players can switch from characters. They are usually found in every Area, in the beginning of most courses and usually around checkpoints. Character Pipes are not found in missions where a certain character is restricted. Character Pipes can't be found when only Mario is available, so Toad must be unlocked first before Mario can use a Character Pipe.

Emblem Image Name Description Special Power-Up How to Unlock
100px 160px Mario Mario sets out for adventure again. Who must save Princess Peach if no one else could? Mario of course. He's the only playable guy who has not been caught in the clutches of the Koopa Troop. Will he save everyone, or is Bowser this time the winner?

Mario has balanced stats, and is the perfect choice for beginners.

??? He's already unlocked
100px 80px Toad Finally, Toad is a playable character in a 3D Mario game! Instead of being caught by Bowser, he has the courage to set out for adventure. Well, actually, he's caught by Lavora. But once Mario saved him, he's no longer the Toad that says that Peach is in another castle.

Toad is much faster than Mario, but jumps not so high. He's in for races vs. Koopa the Quick.

Moon-Jump Mushroom - Toad turns into Moon-Jump Toad, and is able to jump very high, depending on how long the A Button has been hold. The A Button can be hold just five seconds before Toad's jump must end. Although it's named Moon-Jump Mushroom, Toad can only jump three times in mid-air before hitting ground or water bodies. Moon-Jump Toad turns back into his normal self when thirty seconds have been passed. Get one Super Key.
100px 160px Wario Wario is such a rotten guy. He doesn't even say thank you when he's saved. Especially not to Mario. Why he still ventures when saved? Probably to keep the Power Stars for himself. Or for the money. No one knows.

Wario is stronger than any other character, being very handy to carry large objects. He also owns the Dash Attack, instead of a Star Spin. He's pretty slow, however. He doesn't mind that, as the Dash Attack is also somewhat like a quick boost.

Grip-Climb Garlic - Wario turns into Grip-Climb Wario, and is able to climb the steepest mountains without fail. When Wario is near a steep wall, press the A button, and Wario can climb. Press again to jump, and release. Grip-Climb Wario turns back into his normal self when hit by a foe. Get two Super Keys.
100px 150px Maria Maria is Mario's cousin. She cares very much about others, and is very kind as well. She has been hold by Lemmy Koopa.

Although a little slow at running, she's also a little slow at landing - she could even levitate! This is handy when passing large gaps.

Golden Mallet - This item turns Maria into Mallet Maria. Maria wields a gigantic hammer that serves for multiple purposes other than pounding enemies. Such as a torch, to lighten things up or burn up things. This is a temporary Power-Up. Get three Super Keys
100px 140px Luigi Luigi is Mario's famous brother. Although he's less famous than Mario, he's unforgettable. He has been caught in King Boo's clutches.

Luigi is known for his higher jumps. He brakes slower than all the other characters, however.

Stretch Flower - Turns Luigi into Stretch Luigi. By shaking the Wii Remote one, Luigi could stretch his arms to reach certain objects. By shaking the Nunchuck once, his legs get stretched, too. Shaking Wii Remote and Nunchuck again reverts his arms and legs respectively to normal state. Luigi will turn back to his normal self when hit by a foe. Get four Super Keys
100px 150px Toadette It is debated that Toadette is Toad's girlfriend, or his sister, but they do have a good relationship. In every single spin-off she appeared in, she's Toad's partner. She's been caught by Iggy and Reign Chomp, and the fifth Super Key was kept guard fiercely.

Toadette is a little slower than Toad, but can indeed jump a little higher. She isn't very strong in place of that.

??? Get five Super Keys
100px ??? Will he, or won't he join Mario's side? ??? Get six Super Keys
100px ??? This character's too excited to wait to be confirmed! ??? Get seven Super Keys
100px ??? Someone will be really surprised when this character gets confirmed! ??? Get eight Super Keys

Allies and Other NPCsEdit

Image Name Description
150px Yoshi Our lovable dinosaur returns yet again. Mario and co. can mount on him, as long as he's freed from a Yoshi Egg. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, he was able to Flutter Jump, to gulp, to pull and to spit out. And he was able to use three kinds of berries as some Power-Ups of his own.

In Super Mario Star Journey, Yoshi has two more returning signature moves, like making Yoshi Eggs and throw them, and Ground Pound. Moreover, Yoshi can use three more Power-Ups.

130px Starlow From Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Starlow appears for the first time in a 3D Super Mario game. When someone lost eight lives, he/she can ask her if she can help as a guide to the Power Star. Then, Starlow can control this character and guide him/her to the Star. However, a Bronze Power Star appears instead of a normal one.
210px Rambi As Number 1 Animal Buddy of the Kongs, Rambi can be found in some levels. With his horn, he rams enemies out of his way, without losing speed. He can even ram Whomps in their face - which is usually impossible for Mario himself.
130px Koopa the Quick He returned from Super Mario 64, and got even a new look! Koopa the Quick will again challenge Mario & Co. for Power Stars. Toad might be in for most races, as he's the fastest of the playable characters.

Although he's no friend, he's still no villain in any way. He just wants to be Mario's rival in speed.

150px Para-Buddle These friendly Para-Beetles return from New Super Mario Bros. Omega! They do exactly the same as in their debut, but then more in 3D. They appear in some levels.

Items Edit

Image Name Description Courses
80px Coin A form of money. Instead of what you expected from other 3D Mario games, Coins do NOT replenish your health. However, Coins give a 1-Up whenever collecting 100 of them. Not only that, they are counted up on your amount of total Coins. Why? They need to be paid to Pipe Blockers to get an extra course. With more Power Stars. Everywhere
100px Heart These can replenish your health. They are also counted, just like Coins. These things are rarer, but could be gotten via the Cursor. They can also give an extra live with 100 of them. They can also be thrown to enemies, just like the Star Bits from Super Mario Galaxy. Everywhere
100px Garlic They do exactly the same as Hearts, but are rarer and replenish twice as much as a Heart. They are not counted though, and when used, the user gets for 30 seconds a stinky breath, which repels enemies away. Everywhere (whenever Wario's unlocked)
135px Rainbow Coin These rainbow-flashing Coins... those can make a Prank-Star appear in the level Mario and co. collected a Rainbow Coin. So, if the player wants to get extra Power Stars, these things are needed. Everywhere (but once in a course)
180px Power Star Your main goal is to get all the Power Stars. They make a course mission end whenever getting one. Amounts of them are needed for some parts.

There are several similar Power Stars. Bronze Power Stars could be got instead of a Gold one when getting help from Starlow. Silver Power Stars are needed to get one Gold Power Star. Prank-Stars, Hidden Stars and Secret Stars are other varieties.

Everywhere (but one per mission)
180px Shine Sprite Although Shine Sprites can't be collected, they count as important items. Bring three Shines to a Shine Pillar, and a Power Star appears out the pillar. They appear in a few missions Sizzle Beach
80px Yoshi Egg When Yoshi eats an enemy, either press B to spit it out, or press Z to turn it into an egg! The eggs are needed to throw at certain spots and targets. Unlike other things that can be thrown, Yoshi Eggs can bounce three times before it disappears. Depends on the fact if Yoshi appears in that course.
100px Tuba Flower Anyone using this can break rocks that are usually unbreakable. Certain enemies will also be defeated by the hard sound. This sound can be produced by shaking the Wii Remote. Players can't jump that high. Players will turn normal when hit by an enemy. Timpani Tulip Tracks
Lavora's Evil Theater
Forest of Beautiful Sounds
N/A Rock Mushroom Returning from Super Mario Galaxy 2, this rocky fungus gives anyone the ability to turn into a rolling boulder that can squash and break most things, but can't stop rolling until hitting an unbreakable wall. This power will be lost when hurt. Rolling Railing Gulch
Lemmy's Chaotic Circus
100px Cloud Flower Another item returning from Super Mario Galaxy 2. Anyone using this get three small clouds following him/her. Whenever shaking the Wii Remote, one of them turns in a cloudy platform and can stand on it (this cloud disappears in a small time). Anyone using the Cloud Flower can also stand on other clouds. More Cloud Flowers need to be collected to refuel to three again. Anyone will turn back when touching an enemy. Cloud City
Sizzle Beach
Magnet Factory
101px Super Star Everyone knows this item. This item turns Mario invincible! Moreover, his speed increases. This item appears in a few courses, and is temporary. This item is great for Romp Prank-Star missions! Dig-Dog Bog
100px Fire Flower This item already dates back in 1985, in Super Mario Bros.. Mario can produce fireballs with this item, which can burn certain things and beat certain foes. This effect is temporary, though. Bowser Jr.'s Fierce Fort
Polar Volcano
100px Metal Mushroom This item looks new, although it appeared in earlier games. Moreover, it's effect is even older! Mario can become Metallic again, just like in Super Mario 64. Invincible to much foes, and so heavy that he sinks underwater. And thus so heavy that he can freely walk in strong currents. Mario gets completely unharmed when walking on lava, too. But Metal Mario cannot jump high and is slow. Plus, it's power is temporary. Metallic Mines
Magnet Factory
100px Vanish Flower New Item? Yes. New Power? No. Awesome Power? You bet! Vanish Mario's truly back from Super Mario 64. Walking in walls, walking through foes, walking on freezing water! Though it's still temporary... Messed Maze Area
Ruins of Craziness
100px Liquid Mushroom Could this be a result of a Frozen Mushroom molten by the heat of a Burning Mushroom, both from New Super Mario Bros. Omega? Who knows? But it's a new power-up for Mario in this game! Mario can actually roam freely on water, strong streams or not! Mario's newest power involves also roaming on waterfalls without falling down. Shaking the Wii Remote make him also control the water and it's gravity for a short time! Even shorter than the time Mario and co. stays liquid... Pacific Paradise
140px Dash Pepper Yoshi'll be HOT with this spicy pepper. Get even faster than blue blurs when using a Dash Pepper on Yoshi. As Dash Yoshi, he can sprint on walls, and make pretty far jumps. The effect is just Temporary. Stonecarving Valley
Polar Volcano
130px Dig Peanut Spin Drills seem only to appear in certain galaxies, and the Mushroom World isn't one of them. No worries, Dig Yoshi is much better. When eating a Dig Peanut, Yoshi becomes brown, grows claws and starts digging already! The only thing Mario has to do is control the eagerly fast-digging dinosaur. This effect is temporary as well. What happens when the effect lasted, and they're still underground? They will somehow get transported to the last place where they used the Dig Peanut. The Power-Up also ends when leaving the underground. Dig-Dog Bog
Polar Volcano
Giant Oak Skyscraper
Stonecarving Valley
80px Blimp Fruit Bowser took all the P-Balloons! What now? Use a temporary replacement, of course. The one in this game appeared in Super Mario Galaxy 2, and is the Blimp Fruit. Use on Yoshi, and he'll be full of helium, which makes him float. When the Air Meter empties, Yoshi becomes normal. Giant Oak Skyscraper
130px Spiked Kiwi This lavender kiwi fruit turns Yoshi into Spiked Yoshi! Like Dash Yoshi, it allows him to walk on walls, but not because of the speed, but because of the spikes on his body. Not only that, when he jumps, he won't fall to the ground when on a wall or ceiling (somehow). It can also extend spikes when shaking the Wii Remote, to defeat enemies or stick on walls. Yoshi will turn normal when hit. Ruins of Craziness
Forest of Beautiful Sounds
70px Bulb Berry No idea why it's a berry, because it looks more like a pear... anyways, this item can transform Yoshi into Bulb Yoshi. As Bulb Yoshi, Yoshi illuminates the area, for a limited time. You know when you get out of time when it gets darker again. Giant Sunken Buoy

Legend Edit

Star IconsEdit

Name Description
25px Power Star A normal Power Star. It can be in any normal mission.
25px Super Key This looks like those keys in Yoshi's Island, but are bigger and more special. A certain amount is needed to unlock a cage with a character. Only found in a Mid-Boss course.
25px Grand Star A gigantic star with the power to open new Areas. Only found at the last course (usually an End-Boss course) of an area.
25px Secret Power Star Green Power Stars that can be found when doing a certain mission. Which mission it is, can be indicated with a star silhouette, with a question mark. These missions can be done with different meanings from what is expected normally.
25px Special Power Star A red Power Star that only appears after having done enough progress in your game. These stars are rare.
25px Prank-Star Power Stars that only appear in a course after obtaining a Rainbow Coin of that course, and completing the mission where it is found. Prank-Star missions have extra effects, and are sometimes completely the same as one mission, but with one added extract. Depicted here is a Spring Prank-Star.

Prank-Star IconsEdit

Name Description
25px Double-Time Prank-Star Every obstacle in a Double-Time Prank-Star mission goes twice as fast.
25px Romp Prank-Star The player has to defeat an amount of enemies before the time runs out.
25px Illusion Prank-Star Strange effects are happening in a course. This includes waving ground, enemies moving at random speed and screen that create random things that block the player's view a bit.
25px Chaser Prank-Star The player gets chased by multiple Chaos Clones, evil clone versions of the character being played. When the player got hit by one, he disappears, but the player loses one life at the health bar.
25px Speed-Run Prank-Star The player has to beat a mission (usually a mission done before) in a certain amount of time. If the time runs out, the player loses a life. Timers appear in some missions and adds ten more seconds on the clock.
25px Reverse Prank-Star The player has to beat a mission done earlier backwards. This means, he begins in a part where he fought the boss, and has to get to the beginning to fight the boss there, to receive a Power Star.
25px Boss Prank-Star These kind of missions have different bosses than that ever could be fought normally.
25px Purple-Coin Prank-Star Anyone doing such missions has to collect an amount of Purple Coins (Usually one hundred), before the time runs out.
25px Daredevil Prank-Star Players have to clear a mission (usually a mission done before) with one life on the health bar. Hearts cannot be found.
25px Spring Prank-Star Anyone doing a Spring Prank-Star Mission has to get this star in their Spring form.
25px Ghost Prank-Star The player has to beat a ghost version of himself in a race.

Character IconsEdit

There are both Recommended and Restricted icons, which are shown after a mission name. If nothing is standing behind the mission name, everyone can do this mission and can clear it.

Name Description
25px Mario (Recommended) Everyone can enter this mission, but only Mario can clear it.
25px Mario (Restricted) Only Mario is able to do this mission, even though it's possible for everyone to clear it.
25px Toad (Recommended) Everyone can enter this mission, but only Toad can clear it.
25px Toad (Restricted) Only Toad is able to do this mission, even though it's possible for everyone to clear it.
25px Wario (Recommended) Everyone can enter this mission, but only Wario can clear it.
25px Wario (Restricted) Only Wario is able to do this mission, even though it's possible for everyone to clear it.
25px Maria (Recommended) Everyone can enter this mission, but only Maria can clear it.
25px Maria (Restricted) Only Maria is able to do this mission, even though it's possible for everyone to clear it.
25px Luigi (Recommended) Everyone can enter this mission, but only Luigi can clear it.
25px Luigi (Restricted) Only Luigi is able to do this mission, even though it's possible for everyone to clear it.
25px Toadette (Recommended) Everyone can enter this mission, but only Toadette can clear it.
25px Toadette (Restricted) Only Toadette is able to do this mission, even though it's possible for everyone to clear it.
25px Unknown (Recommended) Everyone can enter this mission, but only a certain character that is not unlocked yet, can clear it.
25px Unknown (Restricted) Only a certain character that is not unlocked yet, is able to do this mission, even though it's possible for everyone to clear it.

Areas Edit

Main Hub - Mario's HouseEdit

Mario starts here at this location. In the beginning, Mario can't access the Warp Pipes leading to the other areas, until he cleared the Grand Star in Peach's Castle, which acts as a tutorial course. Then Mario gets access to the pipe to Area 1.

Course Information Mission(s) Mission Information Boss(es)
Peach's Castle Peach's castle has been infiltrated by Bowser's minions. Luckily, there's a Grand Star hidden here, with a weak guard. And there are some Toads with tips and tricks for you. 25px Grand Star in the Top Floor A Tutorial mission, in which Mario must go to the top floor and defeat the eight Goombas to get the key for the Grand Star, locked in a tube. None

Area 1 - Toad TownEdit

Mario meets several Toads there. Here, Mario learns from Toadsworth that the power of the Power Stars can give access to other various Warp Pipes - if having enough. He also learns that the Grand Stars are needed to access the Warp Pipes around Mario's house.

The courses here are easy.

Course Unlocked by Information Mission(s) Mission Information Boss(es)
Marble Hole Plains Clearing mission Grand Star in the Top Floor. A normal easy level, with Goombas and Goombos around. It features holes to an underground system 25px Goomball the Goombo Mario must go to an arena via the holes to the underground, and defeat Goomball the Goombo. Goomball the Goombo
25px Going Classic Mario must use the underground to go to a 2D-sequence, based on the first level of Super Mario Bros.. The Power Star appears on the fort after Mario climbs atop of the flagpole. None
25px Koopa the Quick Returns 25px Mario must race Koopa the Quick again to get his Power Star. The goal is the arena where Mario fought Goomball the Goombo. None
25px Purple Coin Classics Mario must collect one hundred purple coins in the 2D area of the second mission, in 2 minutes. None
25px Spring Run vs. Koopa the Quick 25px Mario must win the same race vs Koopa the Quick as in the third mission, but then as Spring Mario. None
Timpani Tulip Tracks Clearing mission Goomball the Goombo. A beautiful flower field, with lots of musical things. Mario gets introduced by a new item. 25px Orchestra Beating Hard Rock Mario must use the Tuba Flower, to become Tuba Mario. This is needed to break rocks in Mario's path. These rocks lead to the Power Star. None
25px Yoshi and the Guitar Strings Mario rides Yoshi again. This time, he learns that Yoshi can grab giant guitar strings with his tongue to swing to above. This trick is needed to get the Power Star. None
25px Madder Piano's Irritating Migraine Mario must defeat Madder Piano right after passing the Mad Piano path, as Tuba Mario. Madder Piano
25px Musical Hallucination Mario must do the same as in Orchestra Beating Hard Rock, but then with illusionary, wavy screen. None
25px Madder Piano's Migraine Speed-Run Mario must do the same as in Madder Piano's Irritating Migraine, but then with 20 seconds on the clock. Mario could pick up Timers to add ten more seconds. Madder Piano
Rambi's Raceway Clearing mission Orchestra Beating Hard Rock. A Jungle where Mario meets Funky Kong, and can use Rambi to beat a lot of foes. This level introduces Whomps in this game. 25px Bash, Smash and Crash! Mario gets introduced to Rambi, and learns how to ride him. Rambi is needed to bash a lot of Whomps and trees, in order to go to the Power Star. None
25px No Need to Rambi Mario hears that Rambi is kidnapped by a certain person... which turns out to be Bowser Jr. He commanded to some Whomps to guard Rambi. Mario will get a Power Star from Rambi after defeating the Whomps. None
25px Racing with a Rhino Mario and Rambi must become first in a race against two other rhinoceroses to get the Power Star. None
25px Tree Snapper The Mission Bash, Smash and Crash!! must be chosen. In order to get the green Secret Star, Mario and Rambi must bash a particular tree. None
25px Rhino-Saving Spring Run It's the mission No Need to Rambi over again, but Mario becomes Spring Mario. None
Lavora's Evil Theater Have 5 Power Stars A theater with Rocking Rocks and Dry Bones. Tuba Mario is needed for some puzzles. 25px Lavora, Evil Beauty Rock Star Mario needs to beat Lavora, to gain the Super Key. Lavora
25px Harley's Special Act Mario now needs to beat Harley. All Dry Bones have been replaced by Harlings, and all Rocking Rocks have been replaced by Mutant Strikers. Mario must be his normal self, though. Harley
Rolling Railing Gulch Clearing mission Lavora, Evil Beauty Rock Star. A course that introduces the Rock Mushroom again. It is in an area with mountains and ridges. 25px Roll on Them or Leave Them Mario must be Rock Mario to roll on the railings. However, some of the railings lead to instant death. Mario should follow the paths and determine to choose the railing or not, to get the Power Star. None
25px The Running Chap 25px Toad has to run on a passage that collapses faster than Mario could run, in order to get the Power Star. None
25px Shake, Rattle, Rollodillo Mario must defeat Rollodillo again, as Rock Mario. Rollodillo
25px The Daredevil Roll Exactly the same as Roll on Them or Leave Them, but anyone choosing this mission has one life. None
25px A Ghostly Speed Race 25px Toad has to beat a ghost version of himself in the passage from The Running Chap, but without enemies.
Stonecarving Valley Clearing mission Roll on Them or Leave Them. A course based on a level in Wario Land: Shake It! It is full of Aztec-style ruins, and also Bandineros. 25px Pepper Dasherator Mario meets Yoshi again. This time, Yoshi needs to eat Dash Peppers. To get a Power Star on a ceiling. None
25px The Dark Labyrinth Mario must go into a maze inside the ruins. Boos and Magikoopas are hidden here. At the end of the maze, a Power Star awaits. None
25px Rock 'Shrooms are for Losers! 25px Wario must advance a route defended by rocks, and he can only do that by using Dash Attacks. At the end, he must stomp all Bandineros to get the Power Star. None
25px The Hidden Treasure Room When advancing to Area 4, this mission appears. This looks the same as Pepper Dasherator, but the Dash Pepper has been replaced by a Dig Peanut! Mario and Dig Yoshi must find this special red Power Star underground. None
25px Another Hidden Treasure The mission The Hidden Treasure Room must be chosen. Then, instead of going down, Dig Yoshi must go up! He must use more Dig Peanuts to dig in a secret room in a rock, which contains a secret Green Star. None
Flip-Flop Area Pay 500 Coins to a Pipe Blocker after clearing mission Pepper Dasherator. A course that makes Mario flip from 3D to 2D each time he Spins. 25px Which D is better Mario must clear this course by getting its Power Star. This can only be done with flipping from 3D to 2D and vice versa. None
25px D-Switch Purple Coin Crash Mario must collect one hundred coins. Some can only be obtained in 3D, while others in 2D. None
Ludwig's Mach Machinery Have 10 Power Stars. A mechanical course, with lots of Minilegs. 25px Ludwig's Legless Robot Mario must go to the end of the course and must beat Nadaleg. Nadaleg
25px Wrecking Crash! Instead of going to Nadaleg's arena, Mario must go to a demolishing crane. When pressing a switch, the Wrecking Ball on the crane crashes Nadaleg. When going to to the arena, Ludwig becomes enrages, and wants to battle Mario. Ludwig

Area 2 - Petal PlainsEdit

Mario meets lots of bunties here. The big flowers here look very pretty, and act as jumping tiles. Buntelder reveals that every character has different stats, and different Power-Ups for their use only.

The courses here are not so hard.

Course Unlocked by Information Mission(s) Mission Information Boss(es)
Cloudy City Clearing mission Ludwig's Legless Robot. A sky level, introducing the Cloud Flower yet again. Mario needs this to stay on the clouds. 25px The Bridges of Air Mario must get the Power Star by passing gaps, with creating clouds. None
25px Chomp Sharks' Zone Mario learns that the Chomp Sharks are the ones that eat the clouds away in Cloudy City. He has to infiltrate a part of the city, taken over by Chomp Sharks, and get there the Power Star. None
25px The White Chomp Shark 25px Mario must beat the White Chomp Shark to get its Power Star. White Chomp Shark
25px Chomp Sharks Go Double Time Just like Chomp Sharks' Zone, except Mario is at the beginning of the Chomp Sharks' zone, and that the Chomp Sharks go twice as fast. None
25px White Chomp Shark's Clone Chaser Chaos Mario must defeat the White Chomp Shark again, but 8 Chaos Clones are chasing him, too. White Chomp Shark
Dig-Dog Bog Clearing mission The Bridges of Air. A level featuring Yoshi again. The course resembles a field with soil, and also includes a swamp. 25px Rooming to Underground Mario must use Yoshi to get to underground rooms to get the Power Star. This can only be done with a new item, the Dig Peanut, which turns Yoshi into Dig Yoshi. With this, Yoshi get claws and can dig underground for a short time.. None
25px Run Before You Sink Toad must run as fast as he can on the swamp, before he sinks. At the end of the long swamp, a Power Star awaits. None
25px Make Eggs, Throw Eggs Mario and Yoshi must eat Goombas to make Yoshi Eggs. 20 Targets need to be hit to make a Power Star appear. To hit the targets, the Yoshi Eggs must bounce against the wall, else it will never hit the target! None
25px Invincibility Romp Mario has to pick up a Super Star and has to defeat thirty Spinies in two minutes. None
Sizzle Beach Clearing mission Rooming to Underground. A beach world featuring Piantas and Nokis. 25px Shine Pillar in the Beach Mario must bring three Shine Spirites to a so-called Shine Pillar to get the Power Star. Mario can hold 1 Shine Sprite at a time, and he can lose one when hit (the Shine Sprite will bounce around). None
25px Windmill Power Mario must use Cloud Flowers to make clouds, and must use the Windmills' wind to advance to many heights, in order to get the Power Star. None
25px ??? Unknown Mission ???
Bowser Jr.'s Fierce Fort Clearing mission Shine Pillar in the Beach, and having 15 Power Stars. A fort based on the ones of the pioneers in the earlier America. Bill Blasters are put in here to attack intruders. 25px Infiltrate the Fort Mario must sneak inside the heavily defended fort, and then must bypass the traps, to beat Bowser Jr.'s Moving Fortress, a wooden tank. Moving Fortress
25px Fire Attack Mario must use a Fire Flower to make the fortress burn on every side. If doing it right, a Secret Star appears. None
Polar Volcano Clearing mission Infiltrate the Fort. A snow-topped volcano filled with a liquid comparable with freezing water, but stiffer. 25px Explore the Volcano Depths 25px Mario must explore the volcano's inside. With the Fire Flower, he can melt barricading ice blocks. None
25px Burn the Whole Place 25px Toad must speed through the freezing liquid and later with Dash Yoshi, to hit a switch that makes the location fiery, in order to receive the Power Star. None
25px Freeze the Place Again! 25px Wario must use his strength and later Dig Yoshi to reach an underground switch that freezes the location again, in order to get this mission's Power Star. None
Jura Jura Jungle Clearing mission Explore the Volcano Depths. A jungle area featuring dinosaurs. Some are friends, others are foes. 25px Athletics with High Hurdles 25px Toad has to run fast on a giant river with enormous barricades. Almost impossible, but with the Moon-Jump Mushroom, he'll be temporarily able to jump high with ease. The Power Star awaits at the end of the river. None
25px The Blowhard of the Dino's 25px Wario must explore to the depths of the jungle, to meet there Boaster the Salacosaur, a boss only Wario can beat. Boaster the Salacosaur
25px Another Yoshi Adventure 25px Mario has to swing on some Vine Piranhas with Yoshi's help, to get the next Power Star. None
Pixelated Area Pay 500 Coins to a Pipe Blocker after clearing mission Athletics with High Hurdles. A strange area which resembles an 8-Bit world from the NES game Super Mario Bros.. 25px Empty Stripe One 25px Mario must find a passage to an underwater world. If done so, he must venture through the water to the end, where the Power Star awaits. None
Bowser's Skyway Fortress Clearing mission Athletics with High Hurdles, and having 20 Power Stars. A course in the sky filled with lava. It also features athletic enemies 25px Bowser in the Sky (Again) 25px Mario must go to the top of the fortress and beat Bowser on a special arena. Bowser

Area 3 - Wander WoodsEdit

This area is home of some Ukikis. The big trees in this forest could be climbed, and some Warp Pipes to some courses might be on the trees, or even on the top of the trees. Mario will learn from Mastiki here about the Rainbow Coins.

The courses here are a little more on the average side.

Course Unlocked by Information Mission(s) Mission Information Boss(es)
Giant Oak Skyscraper Clearing mission Bowser in the Sky (Again), and having 25 Power Stars. The enormous tree in this course is the course itself! It can be entered, where it turns out that the tree's hollow and is used as a building. 25px Reaching the Top Floor Mario must use Yoshi again. They must use the Blimp Fruit to reach platforms inside the tree that usually can never be reached, and avoiding the enemies. Sometimes, platforms are too high, and needs to be reached by reaching the branches outside via the Flower Grapples. None
25px Treasure of the Roots Mario must use Yoshi again, and must use again the Dig Peanut. It must be used to dig to a secret underground room around the roots. Then Mario has to pass a maze and retrieve the Power Star. None
25px Bugger Beetle The Giant Oak Skyscraper gets terrorized by a spike-spitting insect known as Bugger Beetle. Mario must race to the middle floor and battle him with Yoshi. Spinies. appear everywhere, so Yoshi must swallow them and spit them right to Bugger Beetle Bugger Beetle
Steep-'n'-Deep Mountains Clearing mission Bowser in the Sky (Again), and having 25 Power Stars. A range with enormous mountains, very steep, and deep ravines. Luckily, the steep mountains have large, cliff-like plateaus, so falling off isn't that easy. 25px Star on the Highest Peak 25px Wario can use the Grip-Climb Garlic to become Grip-Climb Wario. He needs to use that to climb the steep mountains, and finally get the Power Star on the highest peak of the range. None
25px Moon-Jumping Silver Stars 25px Toad must use the Moon-Jump Mushroom to jump to collect five Silver Stars, which float somewhat above some peaks. None
25px ??? ??? ???
Metallic Mines Clearing mission Bowser in the Sky (Again), and having 25 Power Stars. A mining cave with a streaming lake. Some mine-working Toads could be found, and even a house that serves as mine-working base. 25px Metal Mario vs. Metal Mario 25px Mario has to use a Metal Mushroom to turn into Metal Mario, and has to walk in the streaming lake to discover a new part, with lasers and spiky ceilings. At the end, the robot Metal Mario will be battled. Metal Mario
25px ???  ??? ???
25px ??? ??? ???
Lemmy's Chaotic Circus Clearing mission Metal Mario vs. Metal Mario, and having 30 Power Stars. A lava-filled circus, with Joker Goombas, and Shy Guys. 25px Koopa Circus Act Mario must avoid the lava and the enemies, and must go to the circus ring, to transport to the very top, to battle Lemmy. Lemmy
25px A Rocky Performance Everything appears to be modified! Every enemy appears to be rocks, so Rockin' Rocks are here too! Be Rock Mario and rock... err... roll to the circus ring. A rock-obsessed Koopa awaits there... Tim
Tricky Tree Maze Clearing mission Koopa Circus Act. Another Rambi course. This is a forest, filled with trees, trees and trees. The course is like a maze. 25px Labyrinth Manic Mario has to use Rambi again to race in the maze. The Power Star awaits at the end. None
25px Rambi's Farthest Jump This time, Mario must find a ramp with Rambi. He must use this ramp to get the Power Star. ???
25px ??? ??? ???
Spooky Disco Clearing mission Koopa Circus Act. This is unbelievable! A large discotheque filled with ghosts! Can you enter this haunted party place? 25px Mallet Maria 25px Maria enters this haunted fray... With help of the Golden Mallet! She will turn into Mallet Maria, which results her wielding a hammer that isn't only powerful enough to break hard blocks, but also can act as a torch. Maria needs this item to keep the Boos away, burn several obstacles, and recover the Power Star. None
25px ???  ??? ???
25px ??? ??? ???
Messed Maze Area Pay 500 Coins to a Pipe Blocker after clearing mission Koopa Circus Act. A maze with dead ends, and Boos. Luckily, Vanish Flowers are kept here. 25px The Easiest Path: Going Straight Mario uses the Vanish Flowers to turn into Vanish Mario, then going through the tall, thin walls of the maze. Mario first has to find the Vanish Flowers. None
Roy's Brawny Stadium Clearing either mission Labyrinth Manic or Mallet Maria, and having 35 Power Stars. A stadium where Roy awaits Mario to challenge. The path to the stadium is long and filled with strong enemies, however. 25px Koopa Boxing Match Mario must go to the stadium and challenge Roy. This match is unique, since the controls and battle style are different: Mario must defeat Roy in a Boxing match! He only has to KO him before he gets KO'd. Roy

Area 4 - Bluff of the Sunset Edit

A cliff with a beautiful sunset. When jumping off, Mario would land in the sea. Nokis relax here as well. The elder Noki named Nonnoki explains Mario that there are several help points, like the Tip Network from super Mario Galaxy 2, and Starlow from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, which helps him to reach the star (although it would be a Bronze Power Star instead). Nonnoki admits he doesn't need all the "new stuff in these days" and prefers to clear each stage on his own intuition, like in the "old times".

The stages are almost average.

Course Unlocked by Information Mission(s) Mission Information Boss(es)
Pacific Paradise Clearing mission Koopa Boxing Match. A level, existing of different islands and an ocean with random strong streams. Penguins live here. 25px A Liquid Dude Mario must grab a Liquid Mushroom to become Liquid Mario. With this Power-Up, he's able to roam freely on the water's surface (without following the stream), and climb waterfalls and other paths involving water. This is highly needed to go to a certain island covered with water with strong streams. The island itself is also filled with water, which also have strong streams. The Power Star needs to be gotten on this isle. None
25px Orca Troubles Mario has to go back to the island of the last mission. A large pool replaced all the water streams last time, and a Killer whale named Killin' Will challenges him. Mario must become Liquid Mario and roam to a slide with water, and jump on Will's head to hurt him. Killin' Will
25px Koopa the Quick goes Liquid 25px Toad must challenge Koopa the Quick again. Both Toad and Koopa the Quick use a Liquid Mushroom, as the race is on water with the strong stream. None
Ruins of Craziness Clearing mission A Liquid Dude. A ruined castle with floors on the ceilings and et cetera. Mandineros are the main enemies here. 25px Spiked Yoshi on the Ceiling Mario and Yoshi are here to meet the lavender Spiked Kiwi, which allows Yoshi to turn into Spiked Yoshi. This form allows him to walk on walls and ceilings, and jump on those without falling off. This is certainly needed to reach a Power Star on the ceiling None
25px The Dead-End Maze Mario must use Vanish Flowers to get a Power Star in a room filled with walls, walls and more walls. Some walls are so thick that Vanish Mario can't go through there, so making it a practical maze. None
25px Para-Buddle Action There's a Power Star in the middle of nothing. Yoshi can't help, but luckily, Para-Buddles from New Super Mario Bros. Omega are there to help Mario. None
Forest of Beautiful Sounds Clearing mission Spiked Yoshi on the Ceiling. A forest with musical things, like Timpani Tulip Tracks. But, no Mad Pianos appear, but the peaceful and hard-working Bees, their leader, and a beautiful maiden. 25px The Silver Stars on the Honey Queen Mario needs to use a Tuba Flower to break several rocks to enter Honey Queen's "Throne room". This is needed because Queen Bee has (yet again) five Silver Stars itching on her body. There are no Bee Mushrooms, neither this is a Super Mario Galaxy game, so Mario has to mount Yoshi, who has to eat a Spiked Kiwi. None
25px Vine Swing Athletics 25px Maria has to use her floating Powers to reach some vines. Then, she needs to swing from vine to vine to reach another Power Star. None
25px Melody's Favor 25px Mario has to collect ten Music Notes for Melody, a woman who can sing beautifully. These notes are scattered on different places. Returning the notes to Melody, and Mario receives a Power Star. ???
Bowser Jr.'s Awful Mansion Clearing mission Melody's Favor This mansion's haunted! And he looks familiar... except it has been taken over by Bowser's bratty son. Expect Boos and Gold Ghosts. 25px Bowser Jr. and King Boo Mario has to find switches to open the altar. Mario has to beat King Boo, while Bowser Jr. accompanies him. King Boo
Klepto Kliffs Clearing mission Bowser Jr. and King Boo. A desert level where Pokeys, Tox Boxes and Kleptos roam around. Mainly Klepos. It also includes a pyramid, also full of Tox Boxes, Klapsands and Dry Bones. 25px Boxed Silver Stars Mario has to go into the pyramid, and actually has to go shelter in a Tox Box to obtain a Silver Star, and must avoid being flattened. Mario has to collect 5 Silver Stars. None
25px Shine Pillar at the Desert 25px Luigi must bring three Shine Sprites to the Shine Pillar to get a Power Star. The Shine Sprites are held by three of the many Kleptos. None
25px ??? Unknown Mission ???
Patchy Flower Patches Clearing mission Boxed Silver Stars. A meadow level made out of textile and patched together. It's said it's close to Sarasaland. 25px Bunty the Bunty Mario meets here a Bunty with the same name as its species, claiming to be one of Princess Daisy's subjects, and helping Mario. He just said he smelled a Power Star to be far away, so Mario has to follow him. He should defeat Piranha Plants and Hammer Bros. on his way, though. None
25px Saving Daisy 25px Luigi meets Bunty, who tells Daisy's been caught by Petey Piranha, not so far away. Luigi has to beat the huge Piranha Plant. Petey Piranha
25px ??? Unknown Mission ???
Sound Power Area Pay 500 Coins to a Pipe Blocker after clearing mission Bunty the Bunty. An area literally filled with music. A Music staff is a regular path in this stage. Everywhere are moving Music Notes, where Mario could stand on their spheres. Mario can also glide on some few music staves. There are also irregular wave lines that move on the music of the stage. 25px Path of Music Mario should follow the only path that could be seen right now, as it leads to the Power Star. He should jump correctly on the Music Note spheres and has to use the Tuba Flower to calm down the wave lines by a blow. None
Bowser's Underground Temple Clearing mission Bunty the Bunty. An ancient temple underground, apparently owned by Bowser. Besides it is filled with lava, Monty Moles are prominent enemies. 25px Bowser's Gone Ancient 25px Mario must enter the temple and face Bowser, yet again. He must be beaten in a different way, however. Bowser

Area 5 - Tropolar Sea Edit

A very strange island, with both tropical and polar conditions and details. Penguins live here. Penguru says that Mario might already been at the half of his journey. He also says that Mario can always get more stars by collecting Coins and paying to Pipe Blockers to reveal new locations that are quite surreal.

Courses here are exactly average.

Course Unlocked by Information Mission(s) Mission Information Boss(es)
Magnet Factory Clearing mission Bowser's Gone Ancient. A level where some floors and ceilings are apparently made of magnets. 25px The Attractive Path Mario must grab a Metal Mushroom to become Metal Mario, and has to go over the magnetic paths on the ceiling and walls. None
25px Conveyor Madness 25px Maria must grab a Golden Mallet, and smash 50 Gray Tins... on conveyor belts! None
25px Escape from the Giant Robot Apparently, Mario has to activate a Toaster, who seems to shoot a toast that hit the switch of a gigantic robot, being Mecha-Bowser. Mario has to escape from the big robot, which'll crash in the lava. Cloud Flowers are scattered over the course. Mecha-Bowser
Giant Sunken Buoy Clearing mission The Attractive Path. Apparently, a immense huge enterable buoy, sunken to the deep of the sea. The buoy is also filled with water. Expect Torpedo Teds and Cheep-Cheeps. 25px Maze in a Buoy Mario has to go inside the buoy, and must find the Power Star in a huge maze. Collect Bubbles to refill your air, and avoid the Torpedo Teds. None
25px The Dark Cove Mario must find a cave that is not set underwater... but that is kinda dark. Yoshi's around here, too, so feed him a Bulb Berry, to become Bulb Yoshi, making it easier to avoid the traps and get the Power Star. None
25px Unagi The Eel Returns Seems that that cove is now inhabited by Unagi the Eel. No problem, try to get him out. Not that the cave has another Power Star, but Mario has to make it circle around the buoy, then let him go up, to make the buoy float again. How? After he's out the cave, Unagi follows Mario, so that could be easy. At least, if he isn't fast enough. None
Sunset Island Clearing mission Maze in a Buoy. An island including a beach at sunset. Every character and object seem to be black, like a silhouette, while they get grayer in the distance. The ground and the sky are both colored. 25px Shine Pillar at Sunset Mario must find 5 Shine Sprites (instead of three) to the Shine Pillar to get a Power Star. Shine Sprites, are apparently, not a silhouette. None
25px Phantamanta's Unexpected Return Apparently, Phantamanta returns, and since Mario has no F.L.U.D.D., he should grab a Liquid Mushroom instead and just move over the goop-like body of the Phantamanta... and he should do the same when he splits up. Phantamanta
25px Stretch and Match 25px Swinging bars are around the island, but too high to reach them. Luigi has to use his special Item, the Stretch Flower, to become Stretch Luigi! With this, Luigi can stretch out his arms and legs easily, so with a well jump, Luigi should do some acrobatics to reach the next Power Star. None
Iggy's Chomp Factory Clearing mission Shine Pillar at Sunset Chain Chomps, Chomp Heads, Chomp Sharks... This factory's got it all. But then lingers the question if Chomps are man-made or not... but you know, Iggy is that crazy. 25px A Duel of Nuttiness Iggy teams up with Reign Chomp to battle Mario. Reach the end of the factory and see how the two will make it... with help of a chariot. Iggy and Reign Chomp
25px Risen Up Risen Koopa wants to battle Mario in place of Iggy. His battle style changes per hit, and could be indicated by his iris. Risen

Area 6 - Summit of the Skies Edit

A mountaintop where one can see a sea of clouds. It's unknown what lives here yet.

Courses coming soon!

Area 7 - Deserted Desert Edit

A wasteland with all the conditions needed, except almost nothing lives here. To be exact, a just a group of one, peaceful species live here, although it's unknown which species. Furthermore, only a few rocks and gaps make the place interesting.

Courses coming soon!

Area 8 - Bowser's Castle Edit

Mario & co enters an interior of Bowser's Castle with enough Power Stars. Luckily, the room with all those Warp Pipes is safe, and only a peaceful species, which makes sense to be in this castle, are living here (secretly). The interesting thing about this area is that Mario (or other playable characters) can actually explore different rooms in this place, and actually can meet enemies.

Courses coming soon!

Other Edit

Trivia Edit

E2-A1 Reveals Edit

  • Several items from Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel returns.
  • Metal Mario and Vanish Mario from Super Mario 64 returns under their items, Metal Mushroom and Vanish Flower, respectively.
  • Yoshi returns as a ridable character. He now has a few more actions, such as his Ground Pound and the power to throw Eggs.
  • Both Mario and Yoshi will get two new Power-Ups. One of them is for Mario, known as Tuba Mario, which could be gained with a Tuba Flower. Another one is Dig Yoshi, which could be accessed with the Dig Peanut.
  • Prankster Comet Stars return under the name Prank-Star. The president of APIM Group, Inc. revealed that this term was made up by his brother, WarioSuperstar.
  • The Spring Mushroom's power appears as well, but then in a Prank-Star mission type, being the Spring Prank-Star.
  • The Spinning action returns, as well as the cursor, with the power to pick up Coins and several other items.
  • Rainbow Star got replaced with a normal Super Star. The star is made more yellow, less glossy and way smaller than a Power Star.

F.W.V.F 2011 RevealsEdit

  • Area 9 looks like a sanctuary. When accessing its first course for the first time, only Luigi can play the mission.
  • The real final boss looks a lot like Mario, and had something to do with Bowser's plan.
  • The last character is owned by a different company (though being free for use). It might be a little strange why he is joining Mario, but he has his reasons.
  • The mission in the last course of the eighth area will not be cleared when doing it for the first time, due to the storyline. Area 9 will open after that.
    • Thus, the last course must be revisited anyway to complete the game for the first time.
  • The holder of the fifth Grand Star is not Wendy (she is involved, though), but a son of an earlier boss.
  • The robot Metal Mario must be fought again, with Bowser Jr. on its side.
  • Area 10 is in space. It can be accessed when the file is started up after the game's credits.
  • Mario's special Power-Up has appeared in another Mario game.

References to Earlier Games Edit

  • The Mission name Make Eggs, Throw Eggs is the exact same name as the very first level of Yoshi's Island.
  • The Mission name Empty Stripe One is a reference to the infamous Super Mario Bros. glitch of the Minus World, as it actually meant to have to be the 36th world, but as it didn't fit, the world number left empty. Because of that, the stripe and the level number (which was 1) were left alone, and looked like the level was the minus-first world.
  • The Mission name Bowser in the Sky (Again) is a reference to the last course of Super Mario 64, named Bowser in the Sky. However, the course the mission was played, Bowser's Skyway Fortress, is actually the first level in Super Mario Star Journey where Mario battles Bowser.

Artwork Edit

Recycled artwork isn't shown here.

References Edit

  1. Interview with Vacuum Inc.

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