Super Mario Star Hunt
Developer(s) Beanstalk Inc.(North American Division)
Publisher(s) Beanstalk Inc.
Platform(s) Wii U, Storybook, Nintendo 3DS, SP1DR
Genre(s) Platformer/Puzzle
Release Date(s)
May 2013 USA, JP, PAL (Storybook)

TBA All else

E10+, 3+, A
Media Included Disc, cartridge, Retail Download
Series Mario (series)
Predecessor Super Mario Bros. 3
Successor Super Mario Star Hunt 2 (speculation only)
Super Mario Star Hunt is Beanstalk Inc.'s latest project for the recent video game system Storybook.It is a platformer game, and successer to Mario's orginal Super Mario Bros. series. It will release in Summer 2013 for a RRP of $59.99. It will be ported to the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and SP1DR before holiday 2013.


Classic ModeEdit

Brawl ModeEdit

Inkario Mode (Locked)Edit


Major CharactersEdit

Image Name Use mCard Adjective mCard Description
N/A Mario Playable Good Mario is the best of the good guys, fighting Nabbit and his crew for lovely Stars to save the Mushroom Universe!
N/A Yoshi Playable, Ridable Helpless Yoshi has to be the rider of all who pounces on him, but still he'll help by offering one and taking over for Mario in the Nabbit Chase levels.
N/A Nabbit Final Boss Greedy TBA
N/A King Koopa First Boss Lost Cause TBA
N/A Baby Yoshi (Blue) Second Boss, Hint Man Slave, Sneeky (After You Beet Him) TBA
N/A Steel Goomba Third Boss Enraged TBA
N/A Thousand Bomb-Omb Herd Fourth Boss Explosive TBA




Acheviements will only be avaliable in the Storybook and SP1DR versions.

Goomba-Happy: Stomp 100 normal goombas.

Ink'd!: Cause Inkario to fall off a cliff 200 times. (Unlocks Inkario Mode, where Inkario chases you every level!)



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