Super Kyle Thunders
Developer(s) Walange Corporation
Publisher(s) Walange Corporation
Platform(s) Nintendo Prima

Wii U

Genre(s) Platforms
Release Date(s)
Story Mode

Multiplayer Mode

Media Included Wii U Disk

Prima Card


Super Kyle Thunders is the new platform game for Nintendo Prima and Wii U. Kyle Thunders is the main character of the game. It happens in a electric factory where Kyle and his friends have to scape out of there. The game is available for 2 players in Multiplayer Mode. There will have some power-ups and a lot of enemies like Robots, Machines and others.


Playable CharactersEdit


  • Dr. Swoolly
  • Martha Banks
  • Frank Windle


  • Electroid Monster
  • Thunder Monster
  • Water Robot
  • Mechanic Crocodile
  • Electroid Boss
  • The Boss


  • Ray-bots
  • Ray-dogs
  • Ray-lions
  • Pyro Monsters
  • Electro Monsters
  • Cryo Monsters
  • Mechanic Ghosts


There are 5 items that transform Kyle in different superhero:

  • Brillant Battery
  • Flame Battery
  • Ice Battery
  • Bird Battery
  • Fish Battery


There are 5 levels that coincide with the floors of the factory:

  • 4th Floor (Cell Floor)
  1. Cell Room
  2. Security Zone
  3. Cell Hall
  4. Emergency Elevator (1st Boss Room)
  5. Alert Agency
  6. Camera Rooms
  7. Exit Corridor
  8. Boss Room 2
  • 3rd Floor (Electric Machine Floor)
  • 2nd Floor (Sand Corridors Floor)
  • 1st Floor (Factory Pits)
  • Ground Floor (Dark Exit Floor)


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