Skull Kid
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Skull Kids are a race of cursed beings that live in the Lost Woods in the south of Hyrule just north of the Kokiri forest. When a child gets lost in the Lost Woods, they become a Skull Kid; if an adult gets lost, however, they become a Stalfos. This reflects a possible relationship between the Skull Kids and Stalfos.


Skull Kids look similar to Kokiri except their skin is made of wood and some of them seem to have beaks instead of mouths allthough some of them (from a different time period) do have mouths, this may have been a possible evolution. They seem to like wearing masks allthough most of them do not. Their eyes are glowing yellow, they are very friendly towards young Hylians and they like to play however they fear the older Hylians.

They also look similar to imp Poes having a small shape, lanterns and a mischevious but violent nature. They could very easily be the living variant of an imp Poe, a pre-cursor of whats to come.


Skull Kids like to play musical instruments and have been seen with both flutes and trumpet like horns, and they played a game with Link involving his Ocarina. They seem to be a very musically inclined race.



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