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Sidekick Pokémon are miniature versions of only certain kinds of unevolved Pokémon. They fight with their normal counterparts side by side.

List of Sidekick PokémonEdit

There are 28 Sidekick Pokémon. 4 for each of the seven regions (six canon regions and Xela).

  1. Bulba (Bulbasaur)
  2. Charmin (Charmander)
  3. Sqeet (Squirtle)
  4. Pichu (Pikachu)
  5. Happa (Chickorita)
  6. Cyndi (Cyndaquil)
  7. Kroqua (Totodile)
  8. Magga (Magby)
  9. Weecko (Treecko)
  10. Torchee (Torchic)
  11. Minikip (Mudkip)
  12. Smallord (Wailmer)
  13. Totwig (Turtwig)
  14. Pyrape (Chimchar)
  15. Pippy (Piplup)
  16. Luxy (Shinx)
  17. Tinivy (Snivy)
  18. Pindle (Tepig)
  19. Owshy (Oshawott)
  20. Nota (Meloetta)
  21. Cheppy (Chespin)
  22. Kindee (Fennikin)
  23. Gremini (Froakie)
  24. Tyro (Tyrant)
  25. Cheep (Chirplet)
  26. Ballmo (Ballmech)
  27. Sproutini (Plantia)
  28. Clawcutt (Clawgon)

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