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Maria, this is what you wanted, right? This is my promise I made to you...
Shadow before his "death", Sonic Adventure 2
Shadow the Hedgehog
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Class Anti-Hero
Villain (Power Ranger only)
Main Weapon(s) Homing Attack
Main Element(s) Dark
Current Status(es) Alive
Deceased(destroyed by Eureka then Samuel in RPM and he still alive before he was finally meet his end)
Alias(es) Shadow the Knight

Shadow the Hedgehog is a fictional character created by Takashi Iizuka, who appeared in the Sonic the Hedgehog series made for the Sega Console. He debuted as a video game character in the Template:Sonic, from then on, he has appeared in many other games trying to figure out who he is and what should he do with his life. When Sonic Adventure 2 was in development, Shadow was originally named Terios the Hedgehog, the term terios means "reflection of". His name was changed to Shadow before Sonic Adventure 2 was released.

Shadow is one of Sonic's main rivals, he can do everything that Sonic can do and at some instances perhaps even more. He's a neutral character as McBoo.

Biography Edit

Shadow's debut was in the game Sonic Adventure 2, where it is explained that he was created fifty years prior to the game's events, by Professor Gerald Robotnik, who had been charged with the task of researching a path to immortality. He created Shadow as "The Ultimate Life Form", a first step towards achieving that goal, but the project was shut down and his granddaughter, Maria, was killed in the aftermath. Before she died, she ejected Shadow towards Earth in an escape pod. Gerald, driven insane by her death, designed a program that would cause the research station, Space Colony ARK, to crash into Earth once all seven Chaos Emeralds were placed inside it. Back on Earth, he modified Shadow's mind so that he would carry out Gerald's plan if he was ever released.Fifty years later, Shadow was released from suspended animation by Dr. Eggman, grandson of Gerald Robotnik, who sought after Shadow after learning from Gerald's diary that he was the ultimate life form his grandfather had created, hoping to use him to conquer the world. Shadow tricked Eggman, under Gerald's programming, into helping him collect all seven Chaos Emeralds with the help of Rouge the Bat, and in placing them in the ARK, almost allowed it to crash into Earth. Amy Rose managed to trigger his memory of Maria, and the ARK was placed back into orbit using his skill, Chaos Control, using up the last of his energy and sending him falling to Earth, seemingly dead.

Notable Appearances Edit

Sonic Heroes 2Edit

Shadow makes an appearance in Team Sonic of Sonic Heroes 2.

Super Sonic Smash Bros. Movelist Edit

Standard - Pistol Shot: Shadow shoots with his pistol.

Side - Chaos Spear: Shadow throws a spear of Chaos Energy.

Up - Chaos Control: Shadow uses Chaos Control to teleport him upwards. The 2nd best recovery move, other than Metal Sonic's and Omega's (they're the same)

Down - Rocket Kick: Shadow uses his rocket shoes to do a kick-spin.

Final Smash - Chaos Blast: Shadow uses Chaos Blast to knock back opponents.

Poker Night 3Edit

Shadow makes an appearence as an opponent character in the third installment to the Poker Night series. Despite his demeaner and tendency to violence, he was taught in the ways of poker by previous player Brock Samson. He is often called an emo by Max, which results in a punch in the face from Sam.


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