Ride Boarski
Charging Man
Gender Male-Programming
Living Town Central Circuit
Class Robot
Main Weapon(s) Moving Wheel
Main Element(s) Fire
First Appearance Mega Man X7
Latest Appearance Megaman Tempo: Aberrant Uprising
Current Status(es) Destroyed
Oink-wa--! You...You...I'm gonna...I oughtta... Arrghyaaa! WHY, YOU!!!!!

Ride Boarski, known as Hellride Inobusky (Heruraido Inobusukī) in Japan and sometimes as Hellride Boarski, is a wild boar-based Reploid who is a member of the Red Alert syndicate and one of the Mavericks encountered in Mega Man X7.

He has an extremely touchy personality, well-befitting the actual nature of a wild boar. His temper is so out of control, he goes berserk at the drop of a hat, and if given the slightest insult, proceeds to run down the target of his aggression, complete with the added injury of tearing it to ribbons. With his fierce, rebellious attitude, there's absolutely no way of reasoning with him, giving the Maverick Hunters little other option than to do him in.


Mega Man X7Edit

Ultimate ShowdownEdit

Ride Boarski appears in Ultimate Showdown as a playable character. Like in Mega Man X7 itself, Boarski is capable of using a few attacks, chiefly his Search Wheel but also his Lightning Fang and Laser Rope. He can alternate forms at will, but has an overheat gauge that the play must keep an eye on as if he overheats he will be forced to cool off, leaving him exposed. He has a mastermind technique as well, allowing him to either summon a group of Runnerbombs to protect him.

Megaman Tempo: Aberrant UprisingEdit

By the events of the eighth Megaman Tempo game, Return Necromanubiser and Boomboom Kuwanger have joined forces to resurrect numerous ancient Reploids to use as their own army for taking over the world. One of those raised is Hellride Boarski, and while not originally a Maverick so to speak, he is infected nonetheless. During his rebuild he is transformed into Hellion Babirusa.

As Babirusa, he now leads a new motorcycle gang known as the Road Hogs. Although more powerful than ever before, he is eventually put down all the same.

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