In this page you case the the list of items, power-ups and objects that appear in New Super Mario Bros. Delta.


Image Name Power
124px Mushroom This mushroom, when it's eaten, can make that Mario becomes Super Mario. With this form, Mario can destroy some bricks that wasn't possible breaking or kill some enemies.
130px Fire Flower This flower makes that the hero can throw fireballs and burn any enemy. It's the next level after the Mushroom.
130px Ice Flower The ice flower makes Mario a perfect freezer. When he throws the iceballs, he can freeze anything for a short time.
136px Star This star makes Mario that he becomes invulnerable and can kill any enemy with touching the enemies. He could even resist Negative enemies.
76px Mini Mushroom This Mini Mushroom makes Mario a micro plumber that jumps for long time higher. He can also get into the narrow Warp Pipes.
170px Mega Mushroom This mushroom makes Mario a giant beast of destruction that can destroy any block, Warp Pipe or enemy (except Negative ones that just disappear while Mario goes across it).
File:121px-SuperLeafMK7.png Super Leaf Racoon Mario is one of the most liked power-ups and this leaf gets the racoon plumber glide or even fly. The tail that this leaf gives, helps Mario to destroy brick block or hit enemies.

Invincibility Leaf

This leaf is the last way to survive all the enemies of the level without dying. It can be got in the block with its image, and it just appear when Mario loses more than 10 lifes in the same world.
124px Negative Mushroom The Negative Mushrooms makes Mario able to kill enemies in a Negative Form. If Mario is attacked by some negative enemy, he will change to small Mario.
124px Negative Flower With this item, Mario can throw Negative Fireballs that can kill several negative enemies.
130px Acorn Mushroom


Image Name Description
130px Brick Block This block appears in most of the levels everywhere. The brick block usually hides nothing but sometimes, it hides a lot of coins, an item or even an enemy.


? Block This block always hides an item or a Coin. They are always very useful.
122px 1-Up Mushroom This item is hard to find and it's usually hidden in the inaccesible places. It gives a life to the plumber who gets it.
130px Special Question Block This block is different to the yellow one. This one hides different special items that just certain characters to have their special item.
130px Coin It's a little treasure that can be found everywhere. With 100 Coins, Mario will get a life.
130px Gold Mushroom

This Gold Mushroom is very expensive and rare. This Mushroom gives 50 Coins.

124px Red Coins They are needed to get an extra life, an item or other prizes. The number of red coins that are necessary, 8.
125px Yoshi Egg That's the egg where the Yoshis come from. Finding one of this means getting a dinosaur rid to eat all the Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Berries and what Yoshi wants.
121px POW Block This block, when it's hit, it produces an earthquake that can kill lots of enemies, destroy other blocks, etc.
120px Bubble Baby Yoshi Egg
120px Balloon Baby Yoshi Egg
120px Light Baby Yoshi Egg

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