Master of Dragons is a 3D fighting game for Nintendo Prima, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The main characters are two children (a boy and a girl) that have the ability of controling the dragons. This game will be sold in 14th December of 2012.


Each character has a special dragon and he can fight with his dragon. The player can evolve his dragon to make it stronger and make it know new attacks and abilities. There are 5 evolutions: Basic, Child, Young, Adult and Hero. The Basic evolution is the weakest and the Hero evolution is the strongest. The damage of a dragon is measured thanks to a percentage (0% is totally healthy and 100% is KO). There are some abilities that makes a dragon stronger, healthier, faster, etc. There are also other creatures that can help the dragon in a fight, for example Aracnoids, Squirrolls, Beespas, Wolverns, ...


Long ago, Dragons and humans shared the world and the universe. Humans were helping dragons and dragons were helping humans. Everything was perfect, but a new kind of people decided to change this balance. Humans soon started to control dragons, they used them as slaves to get the control of the world. People thought that it was the right thing and started to control the dragons. But there were a group of people that knew how to listen to the dragons. They needed help and these boys decided to help them. They made an alliance and now they will fight the dragon slavery.

more coming soon...




Other BeastsEdit

These beast can help the dragons that are of the same kind of energy.

  • Aracnoides
  • Squirrolls
  • Beespas

more coming soon...

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