Mario Kart Prima
Developer(s) Walange Corporation
Publisher(s) Walange Corporation
Platform(s) Nintendo Prima
Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s)
Grand Prix, VS Mode, Time Trials, Missions, Story Mode, On-line
Media Included Prima Card
Mario Kart Prima (also known as Mario Kart´) is the first Mario Kart game exclusively for Nintendo Prima. It's the upcoming racing game for this console and it will be released in 2013. There are new characters and some of them must be unlocked by QR Codes. There are also a new sort of cups called Prima Cups that makes new circuits from other new circuits. Mario Kart Shop reappears with new items to be bought.


One Player ModesEdit

  • Grand Prix
  • Time Trials
  • VS Mode
  • Coin Races
  • Run for your life!!!
  • Ghost Hunting
  • Mission Mode
  • Battle Mode

Local Multiplayer ModesEdit

  • Versus Mode
  • Coin Races
  • Run for your life!!!
  • Ghost Hunting
  • Battle Mode
  • Mission Challenge

Online Multiplayer ModesEdit

  • World Versus
  • Continental Versus
  • Coin Races
  • Run for your life!!!
  • Ghost Hunting
  • World Battle
  • Continental Battle
  • Mission Championship

Confirmed CharactersEdit

Playable CharactersEdit


* Mii's weight will change thanks to his customization
** Certain characters can be changed of colour

Unlockable CharactersEdit

QR Code CharactersEdit

Shopping CharactersEdit

Non-playable CharactersEdit

In CircuitsEdit

* Those characters will appear in Coin Races Mode.

Characters of ItemsEdit

Mario Kart Shop WorkersEdit


There will be new items but they are still unknown. For the moment, the new items – Baby Yoshies, Gold Flower and Question Block – can be used in different modes. The Gold Flower and Coins just appears in Coin Racers mode while the rest will be available in every mode. And the Question Block works as a roulette which triggers a different effect.

Common ItemsEdit

These items can be used in any mode in normal conditions.

Coin Race ItemsEdit

In this mode, those items will be available in Coin Races Mode. Most of them produces a giant amount of Coins because of several effects.

Question Block EventsEdit


There are several kinds of circuits that are concentrated in cups. Apart from the Nitro (New Circuits) and Retro (old circuits), there will be other two sorts of cups: Prima Cups and Shopping Cups. In the first one, there are different versions of the new circuits but with some differences, it can be a night circuit, like it was in Mirror Mode or the route has some traps... In the Shopping Circuits, you can also get those cups by buying the packs of cups, for example, in winter there may be a cup for Christmas circuits or in Summer one of tropical circuits.

Nitro CupsEdit

Cloud and Mushroom cups are the ones that aren't hidden. Flower Cup is got after winning the Cloud Cup and the Mushroom Cup. The Star Cup is unlocked after winning the Flower Cup and the Special Cup is unlocked after finishing first in the Star Cup.

Cloud Cup 30px Mushroom Cup 30px Flower Cup 30px Star Cup30px Special Cup 30px
Luigi Circuit Boo Valley Mario Circuit Yoshi Park Wario Colosseum
Mushroom Plains Vanilla Lake Rock Rock Mountain Dry-Dry Temple DK Jungle Temple
Peach Gardens Koopa Airship Waluigi Airport Wuhu Circuit Bowser Castle
Koopa Mountain Toad Workshop Mushroom Valley Bob-omb Factory Rainbow Road

Prima CupsEdit

The Thunder Cup and the 1-UP Cup are always available. The Ice Flower cup is unlocked after winning in the Thunder Cup and 1-UP Cup. The Leaf Cup is unlocked after getting the Golden Cup in the Ice Flower Cup and the Shell Cup after finishing 1st in the Leaf Cup.

Thunder Cup 30px 1-UP Cup 30px Ice Flower Cup 30px Leaf Cup 30px Shell Cup 30px
Luigi's Highway Boo Mansion Mario Circuit 2.0. Birdo Ribbon Circuit Diamond City
Cloudy Plains Chocolate Valley Rock Rock Valley Sherbet Temple Sunset Jungle
Daisy Gardens

Dry Bones Cemetery

Waluigi Arena Wuhu Beach Bowser Jr. Airship
Koopa Beach Toadette Music Factory Mushroom Night Hills Toad Factory Rainbow Highway

Retro CupsEdit

The Ghost Cup and Bomb Cup are always available. The Blooper Cup is unlocked after finishing first in the Ghost Cup and Bomb Cup. The POW Cup is available after winning the Blooper Cup and the Bullet Cup is got after getting the golden cup in the POW Cup.

Ghost Cup 30px Bomb Cup 30px Blooper Cup 30px POW Cup 30px Bullet Cup 30px
DS Mario Circuit Wii Daisy Circuit

MK7 Maka Wu-hu

MK8 Shy Guy Forest NGC Daisy Cruiser
NGC Sherbet Land DS Wario Stadium Wii DK Summit MK7 Daisy Hills MK8 Subcon City
MK8 Rosalina Gardens NGC Dry-Dry Desert DS Waluigi Pinball Wii Moo Moo Meadows MK7 Bowser Castle
MK7 Koopa City MK8 Delfino Falls NGC Bowser Castle DS Airship Fortress Wii Rainbow Road

Battle StagesEdit

The battle stages are the spaces where the battle mode happens. There are 2 different kinds of battle stages, Nitro Stages (the ones that first appear in the game) and Retro Stages (the ones that have appeared in other Mario Kart games). In each category, there are 10 stages. The retro category has stages from GameCube, Nintendo DS, Wii, Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8.

Nitro Stages Retro Stages
Delfino Mall NGC Tilt-a-kart
Rosalina Palace NDS Nintendo DS
Dragon Park Wii Funky Stadium
Blooper Port MK7 Wu-hu Town
Toad Plaza MK8 Whomp Fortress
Bullet-stone NGC Luigi's Mansion
Pokey Desert NDS Tart Top
Bowser Jr Casino Wii Thwomp Desert
Nitrojungle Stadium MK7 Sherbet Rink
Rainbow Fields MK8 Bowser Galaxy


Vehicles will be again different depending on the weight of the character and there will come back all the bikes. Some of the vehicles must be unlocked by winning different cups and other of them can be bought in Mario Kart Shop. Of course there will be also a kart customization but with less possibilities.

Small VehiclesEdit

  • Standart Kart S
  • Mushroom Kart
  • Baby Turbo
  • Koopa Rider
  • Cheep Racer
  • Bébé à Gogo
  • Toy-toy Train
  • Kamek-ciclo
  • Dolphitaxi
  • Fortress GTI
  • Mini Buggy
  • Skullerical

Medium VehiclesEdit

  • Standart Kart M
  • Super B Dasher
  • Tanooki Motore
  • Speed Star
  • Koopopter
  • Fast Warpipes
  • Spring Coach
  • Stardust Parade
  • Blooperichal
  • Motorbird
  • Super Falcon
  • Chomp Coach

Large VehiclesEdit

  • Standart Kart L
  • Twilight Coach
  • Nefarious Car
  • Demonicus
  • Shooting Star 2.0.
  • Barrel-Movil
  • Piranha Runner
  • Bee Movile
  • Phantom Blast
  • Evil Mouth
  • Wario Car
  • Lucky Tank

Downloadable ContentEdit

You can see all the Downloadable Content here.



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