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You've swam 1.500.000 miles, thought 22 million times, talked 23 million times, took 20 million times action, and spewed exactly once.
Current Age 12
Date of Birth December 31, 2000
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Gender Male
Living Town Dorsal Fintown
Class Sidekick
Main Weapon(s) His mind
Main Element(s) Light
Relative(s) Amorine (young cousin)

Lucas is one of the of Fish 'N' Chips. He is the smartest fish Dux knows, even that Lucas is small and young. Lucas is Dux's apprentice and best buddy. Lucas is also the small cousin of Amorine.


Lucas is always ready to help Dux out of a problem he can't solve. As he's small, Lucas can be easily scared, though. He doesn't like to be bullied.


Lucas is a small, teal Gillard with green, rounded fins, each with stripe-like indentations. He sports large, round glasses with a black frame. Without glasses, people can see two strands of hair atop of Lucas' head.




Madam ClavolaEdit


The Terrible MarinersEdit

Wally von TuskiEdit

Game AppearancesEdit

Fish 'N' ChipsEdit

Lucas will help Dux in his challenge received from the Terrible Mariners. When Dux can't solve the puzzle on time five times, the player can choose to use Lucas' help to fix it, and go to the next level. It will cost 100.000 point of the player's score, and the puzzle will remain unsolved.

In Multiplayer, Lucas is usually played by Player 2, but the player can also choose someone else.


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