Little Mac SSB4
SSB Punch Out Series
Special Moves:
Standard: Straight Lunge
Side: Jolt Haymaker
Up: Rising Uppercut
Down: Slip Counter
Final Smash: Giga Mac
SSBFracas- Little Mac, age 17, is a boxer who hails from the Bronx of New York. Aiming to be the greatest boxer in the world, Little Mac starts his claim to fame, battling the wimpy Glass Joe, before going up against opponents such as King Hippo, Super Mach Man and the Sandman. Little Mac is a quick and lightweight fighter who can deal heavy damage on the ground, but is useless in the air. Matt Hardy reprises the voice of Little Mac from 2009's Punch-Out!!.

Little Mac is unlocked by:

  • Complete Classic Mode as Samus on Very Hard Mode.
  • KOing 30 opponents while under the effect of a Mini Mushroom.
  • Having Little Mac join your party in Adventure Mode.

Changes from Super Smash Bros. 4Edit





On-Screen AppearanceEdit

Alternate CostumesEdit

  • Wireframe Mac
  • Training Hoodie

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