File:Male Kokiri.png
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Affiliation(s) Great Deku Tree

The Kokiri are a child like race that live in the Kokiri forest in Hyrule they are ruled over by the Great Deku Tree and they protect the Forest Temple. They believe that they will die if they leave the forest and so they live there in a small village of the children. Allthough it is later revealed that this is not true as a number of Kokiri appear at Lon Lon Ranch after Ganondorf's death.

Allthough they appear to be children they are actually ageless and they each have a gaurdian fairy which serves as a friend, parent and a mentor. They are watched over by the Great Deku Tree and are known as the spirits of the forest. It is unknown how they were created or if they reproduce how it is speculated that they were created by the Great Deku Tree.


File:Female Kokiri.png

They appear to be regular Hylian children with normal coloured hair and eyes with pointed ears, however their clothing is all green. The boys where green shirts, shorts and caps while the girls where green dresses and they wear brown boots.

A young Link fit in amongst the Kokiri children and looked just like one of them even though he is a Hylian, the only difference was he didn't have a gaurdian fairy.

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