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#707 Klefki
Klefki's artwork for Pokémon X and Y.
Category Key Ring Pokémon
Original Region Kalos
National Dex Nr. #707
Kalos Dex Nr. #050 (Mountain)
Generation 6
Pokémon Color Gray
Type(s) Steel/Fairy
Ability/ies Prankster (Hidden: Magician)
Average Height 0'08"
Average Weight 6.6 lbs.
Evolves From N/A
Evolves Into N/A

Klefki, known in Japan as クレッフィ (Cleffy), is a Steel/Fairy-type Pokémon. It's not known to evolve from or to any other Pokémon.


Klefki is a small, silvern Pokémon, resembling some sort of key ring. It can split the ring up a bit from the underside, so it can use the ring's tips as hands. Dangling inside the ring is its spherical head, which includes a pink ovarian spot and a face inside a crescent moon shape. The face consists of two circular holes for eyes and a hole resembling a keyhole for a mouth. Below its head is a pink, teardrop-shaped, sack-like appendage with a gray teardrop-shaped marking. This appendage is presumably its body. Atop its head and conjoining the ring is another appendage, but this one is shaped like a classic key with two blunt teeth.

Klefki already has four keys in possession by default: a gold hotel room key, a black classic key, a bronze dorm key and a car key, from left to right. These keys are four of various keys that Klefki has collected during its travels. To prevent theft and robbery, people in possession of a Klefki give it keys to safes and vaults, since Klefki never lets go of any key, especially if it likes the key. When an enemy attacks it, Klefki tries to threaten it by fiercely jingling the keys it has in its possession.



Klefki's appearance is based on a keychain, and its behavior is based on the Pagan tradition to blame fairies for the loss of small objects, like keys. It may also be based on an iron charm, believed to ward off fairy mischief when carried along.

Name OriginEdit

Klefki is based on the French word clef (key) and key. It may also be based on a corruption on kleptomaniac.

Cleffy is derived from clef.

Names in other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
From clef.

National Pokédex
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