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Kirby Battle Royale
Developer(s) Zentech Studios
Publisher(s) Keyhole Gaming, Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Retro System, Zentablet
Genre(s) Fighting, SSB-style.
Release Date(s)
Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Tournament
Media Included NRS Disk, Zentablet App
Series Kirby

Kirby Battle Royale (aka Kirby Smash Puffbals in or Smash Kirby! in Japan) is a fighting game featuring many characters from Kirby series. It re-uses the same engine as Super Smash Bros., as it is considered a spin-off. It was originally under ownership of Keyhole Gaming, but rights were given to Zentech Studios for the release of the game.




Nightmare decided to make a fake tournament to see who is the best. To do this, he possessed King Dedede to create the tournament, confused Kirby and his friends, who decided to enter the tournament and see who is the best! This is only a part of Nightmare's plan to destroy the Fountain of Dreams, at the end, Kirby (or any other playable character) defeats him and the Fountain of Dreams comes back to normal.


The game re-uses the same engine as Super Smash Bros., so the objective is the same, the player needs to knock-out the opponent by increasing the damage percentage (0% - 999%). To do this, the player needs to attack the opponent. Each character play different, like Kirby can swallow enemies and get their abilities, while Meta Knight can use his wings and create a Mach Tornado and goes.



Character Name Combat Style
x125px Kirby Kirby mainly uses his Inhale ability in the game, that he can use as a grab or to get the enemy's ability for his own use.
x125px Meta Knight Meta Knight uses his Sword, pressing L and waiting to a bar loads up, he can use the Mach Tornado.
x125px Poppy Bro. Jr Poppy Bro. Jr uses his Bombs as a way to attack. He can charge up making a giant bomb, similar to someone...
x100px Waddle Dee Waddle Dee uses the same abilites as Kirby when he doesn't have any ability, except that he can't swallow opponents. He can also use a parasol after beating Parasol Tournament.
x125px Knuckle Joe Knuckle Joe uses his Fighter abilites. He even can transform into his demon form.


Character Name Combat Style How to Unlock?
x125px Waddle Doo Waddle Doo uses his Beam as a attack, he can also charge up to create the Wave Beam. Beat him in Starter Tournament.
x125px Blade Knight Blade Knight uses his Sword. He can use a Sword Spin attack. Beat him in Sword Tournament.
N/A Heavy Knight Heavy Knight uses his Sword. He is stronger, but slower, than a Blade Knight. Beat him in Sword Tournament.
x125px Golem Golem uses his Stone abilites. He can also punch and rollout. Beat him in Rock Tournament.
x125px Rocky Rocky uses his Stone abilities. Unlike Golem, Rocky can't punch or rollout. Beat him in Rock Tournament.
x125px Sir Kibble Sir Kibble uses his Cutter abilities. He can also use the Final Cutter ability. Beat him in Cutter Tournament.
x125px Bonkers Bonkers uses his Hammer abilites. On certain stages, his hammer can change into a FieryCold or Electric Hammer. Beat him in Hammer Tournament.
x125px Burnin' Leo Leo uses his Fire abilities. He can turn into a fireball as a shield. Beat him in Fire Tournament.
x125px Hot Head Hot Head uses his Fire abilites. He can breath fire up or down. Beat him in Fire Tournament.
x125px Sparky Sparky uses his Spark abilites. His main ability also serves as a defense. Beat him in Spark Tournament.
x125px Needlous Needlous uses his Needle abilites. He can also roll-out like Golem. Beat him in Needle Tournament.
x125px Pengi Pengi uses his Ice abilities. He can also "ski" on ice. Beat him in Ice Tournament.
File:120px-Chilly.png Chilly Chilly uses his Ice abilities. He can also do a ice spin. Beat him in Ice Tournament.
x125px King Dedede King Dedede uses his Hammer abilites. He can also turn into Masked Dedede and become more powerful. Beat him in Final Tournament.
x125px Prank Unlike the other enemies, Prank use Pranks as a attack, he can also use Paint abilities. Buy him on the shop.



Stage Name Description
x125px The Arena A flat stage with no pits. It is based on The Arena from Kirby's Adventure / Kirby's: Nightmare in Dream Land.
x125px Waterfall Mountain A small stage with a main hole on the center. Sometimes, small rocks falls.
x125px Whispy Woods No no no, we are not talking about Whispy Woods, the boss, and yes, we are talking about the location. Whispy Woods is a very large stage.
x125px King Dedede Arena A secret arena inside King Dedede's castle. Like The Arena, this stage doesn't have any pits. Sometimes the creatures watching the battle will throw a item.
x125px Flaming Trap A trap inside King Dedede's Castle, it is a maze with flame pillars. It also have spikes as a hazard.
x125px Wham Bam Rock Room Like The Arena and King Dedede Arena, this is a flat stage without any pits. The main hazard on this level is Wham Bam Rock himself that attacks the players.


Stage Name Description How to Unlock
x125px Moon A small stage with a platform made of stars on the middle. There's no hazards on this stage.  Beat the game once.
x125px Halberd A little stage with only a platform on the middle. Sometimes, Meta Knight minions will appear as a hazard. Beat the game as Meta Knight.
x125px Combo Cannon Arena A flat stage with no pits, the main hazard on this level is Combo Cannon that attacks using cannonballs or the laser cannon. Beat the game on Hard Mode.
x125px Door Maze A stage with no pits. The stage changes every 15 minutes, the player can manually changes the level by entering in any door. Play 150 times in any level.
x125px Fountain of Dreams Like the Arena and the other previously mentioned levels, Fountain of Dreams is a stage without pits. The main hazard is stars that falls from sky. Beat the game as Kirby.
x125px Kirby's House A stage without any pits. Most of the characters from the anime appears on the background. This is the only level to don't have a special musics, instead re-uses the credits music. Beat the game 100%.


Kirby Battle Royale features tournaments, that works like the Mario Kart's cups.

Name Opponents
Starter Tournament Kirby, Poppy Bro. Jr, Waddle Dee and Waddle Doo (possesed, boss).
Sword Tournament Sword Knight, Blade Knight, Heavy Knight, Meta Knight (boss).
Rock Tournament Golem, Rocky, Gansan, and King Golem (boss).
Cutter Tournament Sir Kibble, Kapar, Bukiset, Waiu (boss).
Hammer Tournament Dygclops, Bonkers, Giant Bonkers, Heavy Mole (boss).
Fire Tournament Aachi, Burnin' Leo, Hot Head, Fire Leon (boss).
Spark Tournament Sparky, Spark-i, Turbite, Dubior (boss).
Parasol Tournament Drifter, Parasol Waddle Dee, Parasol Waddle Doo, Jumpershoot (boss).
Needle Tournament Needlous, Togezo, Boten, Captian Stitch (boss).
Ice Tournament Pengi, Chilly, Frigis and Mr. Frosty (boss).
Final Tournament King Dedede, Mr. Bright & Mr. Shine, Nightmare (Form 1), Nightmare (Form 2) and Final Nightmare.


Trophy Name How to Unlock

Le Starter

Beat Starter Tournament.
100px The Swordsman Beat Sword Tournament.
100px Rock 'n' Roll Beat Rock Tournament.
100px Like a Cutter Beat Cutter Tournament.
100px Hammlover Beat Hammer Tournament.
100px Fiery Monster Beat Fire Tournament.
100px Sparky Prototype 01 Beat Spark Tournament.
100px Floater Beat Parasol Tournament.
100px Dangerous to Robots Beat Needle Tournament.
100px Cold Shadow Beat Ice Tournament.
100px Like a Master Beat Final Tournament.
100px Kirby Lover Beat the game using Kirby.
100px The Knight Beat the game using Meta Knight.
100px BOOM Beat the game using Poppy Bro. Jr.
100px Dee Dee Dee Beat the game using Waddle Dee.
100px Doo Doo Doo Beat the game using Waddle Doo.
N/A The Knight of Time Beat the game using Blade Knight.
N/A Heavier, Strongier Beat the game using Heavy Knight.
100px Golem evolves into Golem!... Beat the game using Golem.
N/A Rocky Stone Show Beat the game using Rocky.
N/A Cutter Troubler Beat the game using Sir Kibble.
N/A BONK! Beat the game using Bonkers.
N/A Burnin' Beat the game using Burnin' Leo.
N/A Hot Headed Beat the game using Hot Head.
N/A Spiky Troubly Beat the game using Needlous.
N/A Freeze! Beat the game using Pengi.
N/A Chilly Problem Beat the game using Chilly.
N/A The King is Back! Beat the game using King Dedede.
N/A Master Prank Beat the game using Prank.
N/A Rich Gamer Buy all the items on the shop.
N/A The King of the Royale Beat the game 100%
100px DUMMY See glitches section below.


  • NOTE: The rarity of the items is shown by the color of the name of the item:
    • If it is Green it means that is a very common item.
    • If it is Blue it means that is a common item.
    • If it is Red it means that is a semi-rare item.
    • If it is Purple it means that is a rare item.
Item Name Description
x125px 1-Up Gives an extra stock. (Only in Stock matches).
x100px Cell Phone Summons an assist.
x125px Food Heals the player's damage.
x125px Invicibility Candy Make the player invicible for few minutes.
x125px Maxim Tomato Heals all the player damage.
x125px Pep Brew Heals a little part of the player's damage.
x125px Paint Can Randomly appears on battles, it changes the player's colors.



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Is this feature worthy?

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Beta ElementsEdit

  • HAL Room: There's a unused data on the game, it is found on where the other stages data, it is called "HAL8951", the 8951 data is for unlockable stages, while 8950 data is for starter stages. The stage isn't playable, via hacking, the player could re-made it to make playable, the level is just the word "HAL" using the tiles of the Halberd stage.
  • Buyable Stage?: Other unused data stage is called "SHP8952", this is just weird, since there's no other level that uses the "8952" data, however, Prank, a buyable character, uses a similar data "PRK4252", it can be that a stage that you could buy on the shop.
  • E3 2004 Trailer: The short trailer shown on E3 2004 shows two beta elements, the first is that Prank could use a hammer in game, that can't be done in the game and also Keeby, Keeby wasn't completely removed from the game at all, there's a character data ("KBY4252") that uses the same data as Prank ("PRK4252"), by switching those datas, the player can play as Keeby, using Prank's moveset, that can glitch-out Keeby's graphics sometimes.


  • Keeby's Nightmare: Going to the Story Mode and defeating Nightmare, a surprise will happen, instead showning Prank's ending, it will send the player to a extra glitched stage, if the player hold Select and A before the stage appears. It will shown a extra Nightmare boss battle. It is only his first form more powerful. If you press B instead of A, you will play as Nightmare instead!, Keeby will disappear and you will be free to move around as Nightmare, using Prank's moveset, even more strangier, Nightmare will be yellow.
    • There's a way to play as Keeby, putting some gameshark codes and connecting the game to the Nintendo Gamecube is possible to play as Keeby, using the Gamecube controller.
      • Defeating Nightmare, the player will get a new trophy, nammed "DUMMY", probably for test stuff. However, in the DUMMY trophy code, you will see the real name of the trophy: "Keeby and the Mystery of Nightmare".


  • This is the only Kirby fighting game.
  • This is the only game to feature Knuckle Joe's Demon form, that has been shown on Anime, but never appeared in any game.
  • Poppy Bro. Jr is the only starter character that doesn't appear in the cover.

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