The Second of the Parcas
Current Age
Date of Birth 28 December
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Gender Female
Species Parca
Living Town Thanatoria
Class Enemy
Main Weapon(s) Harbinger Mandoble
Main Element(s) DragonBoB
First Appearance Battle of Bracelets: The Origin of the Legend
Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Pluto Inheritance / Dragon Form
Affiliation(s) Divina Parca
Alias(es) The Modest Death
Relative(s) Thanatos (idol)
Kardemis (Kardemia called in some languages) is one of the characters who appear on the Battle of Bracelets series. She is one of the Parcas who form the Divina Parca, the group of the strongest Parcas who are still alive. Her title is the Seconda Parca, a title that Thanatos as God of Death gives to the second of the strongest Parca sisters. Kardemis serves Thanatos and indirectly the God of the Underworld. Her main abilities are Pluto Inheritance, an ability that destroy some of her HP points to invoke zombies who will help her in the battle and turn any of her attacks into a DeathBoB attack; and Dragon Form, an ability that allows her turn any part of her body into a part of a dragon's body or turn a dragon. Her main weapon is the Harbinger Mandoble, a weapon that is given to a Parca since they are harbingers of death and can cut anyone's lives, even the life of any God.

Games AppearanceEdit

Battle of Bracelets SeriesEdit

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Attacks, Power, AbilitiesEdit


Attack Power Lv. Effect Element
Scratch 100 HP Lv. 1 - StrongBoB
Dragon Doom 150 HP Lv. 1 - DragonBoB
Basilisk Awakening 150 HP Lv. 1 - SwadowBoB DragonBoB
Double Dance 300 HP Lv. 1 - MusicBoB
Dragon Lash 350 HP Lv. 3 Dizzy DragonBoB
Spin Punch 400 HP Lv. 6 - StrongBoB
Jurassic Mutation 450 HP Lv. 9 - DragonBoB LeafBoB
Dragon's Dischord 550 HP Lv. 13 Dizzy MusicBoB DragonBoB
Polar Dance 600 HP Lv. 16 Freeze IceBoB
Digital Vector 650 HP Lv. 20 - MagicBoB
Polaris Dragon 700 HP Lv. 23 - IceBoB DragonBoB
Ozone Flare 750 HP Lv. 26 - SteamBoB FireBoB
Basilisk Shout 800 HP Lv. 28 - DragonBoB MusicBoB
Dragon Soul Call 850 HP Lv. 31 Possess GhostBoB DragonBoB
First Dance of Destruction: Slash 900 HP Lv. 34 - DragonBoB
Basilisk Beam 950 HP Lv. 37 - DragonBoB
Poison Ivy Entanglement 1000 HP Lv. 41 Poison LeafBoB ToxicBoB


Main AbilitiesEdit

  • Pluto Inheritance
  • Dragon Form

Main WeaponEdit

  • Harbinger Mandoble


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