Did I know that? Why, of course I did! I'm the keeper of the records, aren't I?
Jaleina, Metroid Prime 4

Jaleina is a character in Metroid Prime 4. She is the keeper of the Galactic Federation's records of data and information, and, as a result, has retained quite a lot of knowlege about the nearby universe. Jaleina was born on Earth, and she is another human like Samus Aran and Pertinax. From an early age, she showed an overwhelming interest in knowlege and reading. Her father worked for the Galactic Federation, so he convinced the Captain of the Galactic Federation to give her the job. She is guaranteed to have all types of knowlege, specifically about planets and stars and life-forms. And although she knows about the planets, she has never been to even one of them. She is around 23 or so years of age.

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