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Geno's Adventure: Return of the Seven Stars.
Developer(s) 150px
Publisher(s) Square Enix
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Action Role-Playing Game.
Release Date(s)
File:25px-Flag of Japan.png March 23, 2013.

File:25px-Flag of USA.png TBA 2014.

File:25px-Flag of Europe.png TBA 2014.

File:25px-Flag of Australia.png TBA 2014.

Singleplayer Campaign.
  • The Seven Stars Co-op.
  • Boss Rush. *
  • Master Quest. *
  • Minigames. *
Japan: CERO B
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Game Card

Geno's Adventure: Return of the Seven Stars is a 3D-action role-playing game created by Zentech Studios. The game is considered a spiritual sequel to Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars. The game brings back the character Geno, with the permission of Square Enix, that is publishing the game. The game was only released on Japan, until April 6, the creators of the game announced that the game will be released to USA, Europe and Australia on 2014, however, the release date hasn't been released yet.

GA:RotSV uses the Gamebyro engine, but modifed. The game works like Tales of Symphony, that is a 3D action role-playing game, where the player have free control of the character on the overworld and during the battles. The player can gain special new abilities for the characters, by completing certain quests. The game also features new characters, this time, the Seven Stars on their doll form, like Geno, help him on his journey.







Image Description Ability Unlocked after
x125px Geno is the main playable character, after saving the Seven Stars, his vacation looks like that will end now, another villian now is causing trouble. Geno uses his spells as the main ability. Geno Boost N/A
N/A Permstar is the first unlockable character, he is unlocked on Eggplant Woods. Permstar uses his sword and a crossbow as his main away to attack. Permstar is a very emontional character. Excalibur Save him in Eggplant Woods.
N/A Lenuntar is the second unlockable character, he is unlocked on Fiery Valley. He is a pretty sarcastic character. He have the power to control non-living things and also can posses some of enemies. 2x Power Defeat him in Fiery Valley.
N/A Indotar is the third unlockable character, he is unlocked on Scare Swamp. He is pretty intelligent and can solve puzzles that the other characters can't. Indotar uses a spell obok as his main attack. Master Book Beat his puzzle in Scare Cave.
N/A Fortar is the fourth, he is unlocked in Frosty Mountain. Fortar is pretty strong, he can break walls and his fists can give 50 damage to the enemies. Fortar is pretty strong, but pretty dumb. Elemental Punch Save him in Frosty Mountain.
N/A Arcatar is the fifth unlockable character, she is unlocked in Shade Cave. She is very mysterious and her backstory hasn't been revealed yet. She uses a big sword named "Soulnator", that can sucks up the enemy soul making the sword more powerful. Darktar Beat her in a battle.
N/A Benetar is the sixth unlockable character, she is unlocked on Shocking Sea. She is the healer of the group, she can heal the other playable characters. She uses a magic wand as a attack. Sixth Sense Save her in Shocking Sea.
N/A Fabutar is the seventh unlockable character, he is unlocked on Legendary Lands. He uses a golden sword and a boomerang that can stun enemies. He is known as "The Legendary Hero." Starward Strike Meet him in Legendary Lands.
N/A Fintar is the eighth and final unlockable character, he is unlocked on the penultimate level, Crystal Clocktower. He uses a bow and arrow as his main attack. Nothing more known about him. Golden Arrow Meet him in Crystal Clocktower


Enemies & BossesEdit


Image Description HP Found in...
x125px Goomba are the most weak enemies in the game. They can use their head as main attack and also can bite. 3
  • Eggplant Woods
  • Scare Swamp
x100px Fire Goomba are a special type of Goombas that only appears on Fiery Valley, they are more stronger than the normal goombas, they can shoot fireballs. 6
  • Fiery Valley


Image Description HP Found in...
x100px Kamek is the first boss in the game. After Geno ruined his plan, he decided to take revenge against him. He uses three type of magics: Triangle, that transforms an block into a enemy, Circle, that is the equivalent to a fireball and Square, that freezes Geno if touch him. To defeat him, the player needs reflect one of those spells then attack him. 10

Eggplant Woods

N/A Czar Dragon is the second boss in the game. After defeating Lenuntar, Geno accidently wokes up Czar Dragon, that was sleeping inside the Flower Volcano. Czar Dragon uses Podoboos as his main attack, he can attack using flamethrower. To defeat him, the player needs freezes one of their Podoboos and shoot against him. 12

Fiery Valley

x100px Croco is the third boss in the game. After see Geno and his partners in the Scare Cave, he decided to set a trap and steal their items. Croco uses stealth as his main way to attack, the player needs to dodge from one of his attacks, making him fall on the ground and attack him. 18 Scare Cave


Area Unlocked after Description
x100px Starter The Star Valley works like the game's hub, where the player can meet most of the NPC's or the characters that aren't on your party. There's no boss here.
x100px Starter TBA
x100px Beat "Eggplant Woods" level. TBA
x100px Beat "Fiery Valley" level. TBA
x100px Beat "Scare Swamp" level. TBA
x100px Beat "Frosty Mountain" level. TBA
x100px Beat "Shade Cave" level. TBA
x100px Beat "Shocking Sea" level. TBA
x100px Beat "Legendary Lands" level. TBA


Upgrade Location Stat Increase Description
x50pxStar Gun After defeating Creptar on Shade Cave, meet with Benetar on Star Valley and get the weapon from her. ATK +12
This is the Star Gun, you can shoot stars to the opponents! Press B to shoot the stars. You can shoot 30 stars per time! But this weapon's recharge is very slow

Multiplayer ModesEdit

Mode Name Description
x100px Light vs. Dark. There's two teams with 9 characters each, the Light Team, with Geno and his partners and the Dark Team, Kamek and his minions. The objective is to defeat all the members of the opponent team.
x100px Purple Coin Madness One player controls the Purple Coin, and his objective is to not be collected by the other players, that are pallete-swaped versions of Geno, the Purple Coin needs sets traps to defeat the other players. While the other players needs to collect the coin.
x100px Star Catchers Works like Capture the Flag, two teams with 5 players each, needs capture the opponent team's star and vice-versa for the other team.



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