Don't do it! It's too dangerous! Trust me...I've been to SR388 don't want to go there.
Flowala, Metroid Prime 4

Flowala is a character in Metroid Prime 4. She was one of the vicitims of the K2-L Space Pirates attack. She was living there at that time, but she managed to escape from the attack. But she witnessed all of the destruction and madness, causing her to have a deep hatred for evil, specifically the Space Pirates and the Metriod as a species. She soon moved far from K2-L in fear of another attack to the planet Earth for safety. She soon got a job as a Planetary Mapmaker, and soon frequented planets such as SR388 and Zebes for her work. She had a bad encounter with some Metroids on SR388, causing her to develop a fear of them. She continues to frequent the planet, but rather reluctantly. Flowala is 39 years old.

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