Template:FHSHomeButtonTemplate:FHSUserHomeButton Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the newest original series that Project Eternity is showing today: Night of Constellations.

A new hero arrives...Edit

...and his name is Demos. This young from the polis of Athens got an important mission that the goddess of Light, Athena, has asked to him. A witch from the deep Greece has got the power to absorb the energy of the stars from the different constellations. Now he has to travel throughout Greece to beat the different servers of Callizia, the Witch of the Eternity. Will his power be enough to get the 88 constellations back?

He won't be the only hero. He will meet a princess of another greek polis that fell in love with the teenager and will follow him across the greek forest, little villages and caves.

12 Levels, EclipsionEdit

The division of 12 levels is known as the Eclipsion, each level has several constellations and a boss in each one who keeps the 12 Zodiac Constellations, such us the Ram-six, the guardian group of Aries; the Minotaurus, the guardian of Taurus; the Twins Illusion, the guardians of Gemini,... all these levels will be long enough to have a good time.

Also, in each level, you will find different enemies and you will have to find several constellations on each level. But not all the levels have the same physics laws. Be careful and find the way to advance without dying because of traps, enemies, cliffs...


Each level has several collectibles hidden in the most difficult to arrive places. Try to find the 88 constellations to see a complete planetarium of the Athens Partenon. Find also the different figurines of the museum of the Agora and the different cards that can be found around the city.

We hope you like the new idea. With this, the announcement of Night of Constellations is officially finished. Thank you everyone, good evening and merry Christmas!!!

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