Fan City Life
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Developed by 100px
First Air Date(s)
Opening Theme Owl City: Fireflies
Ending Theme Owl City: Fireflies (Instrumental)
Season(s) Around 4
Episodes Unconfirmed

Fan City Life is a TV show produced by Hammy Games Inc. It stars famous Fantendo characters, living their not so average lives in Fan City.


The residents of Fan City come in all shapes, sizes and species!

Major CharactersEdit

Official Art Name Description Debut
200px Unten The helpful Beorn is always open to new friends, so he wants to make sure that his new neighbours feel as welcome as possible! Welcome to the City!
200px Squav Squav is a happy squavacado with a big mouth. Although, on the battlefield or in competitions he is agile and quick on his feet, he is normally very clumsy, and not the brightest. But he is still a good leader, somehow! Welcome to the City!
200px Celeste Celeste is on holiday to Fan City from Flutter City, where she is the princess of. She is very polite, yet shy, and seems to like Taylor. Welcome to the City!
File:Taylor.png Taylor Taylor crash-landed in Fan City, but has no memory of what happened. He is smart and doesn't like to be bored, but is a great adventurer! He also seems to have a thing for Celeste. Welcome to the City!
200px Umbra Umbra is a kid with control over darkness, much the opposite of Squav. He wields a purple scythe and prefers ranged combat. He is kind of anti-social and speaks better through actions. Welcome to the City!
200px Flip Flip is a happy-go-lucky frog who plays the banjo. He runs a music shop in the heart of Fan City, however, his sanity is questionable. Welcome to the City!
200px Data Data is half human, half cyborg. He can produce various weapons from his right "hand", but often has trouble with this ability. Data loves making new friends and is always calm, cool and collected. Welcome to the City!
200px Mika Mika is a girl with pyrokinetic abilities, meaning that she has fire powers. She loves hanging out with her friends and can be a bit cocky, however, she has no trouble expressing her feelings. Welcome to the City!
White White is a popopo from a distant city, rumoured to be in an alternate dimension. He gets along well with Danni for some reason, even though they don't have much in common. White hates being alone and hides his emotions very well. A Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy
200px Danni Danni is an angel from a flying city known as Cielo. He is a daredevil with a need for speed, often performing dangerous stunts for no good reason. A Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy
200px Jake Jake is a hacker and a writer, mostly writing fanfictions. He is quirky and cunning, always ready with a pun or a joke. A Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy
File:Oie transparent (4).png Ryouka Ryouka is a girl with water powers which she utilises to help animals. Despite being very kind and helpful, she loves gossip and fashion. She is best friends with Mika. A Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy

Minor CharactersEdit

Official Art Name Description Debut


Bowie is an optimistic teddy bear who often goes on adventures that seem huge to him, but tiny to everyone else. He is very imaginitive and everything is a new experience for him.

Welcome to the City!

150px Scotch Scotch is a military general. A general of dogs, that is. He has plenty of misadventures training wild dogs to fight for him. These events lead him into the city constantly where he bumps into his friends. A Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy
200px Fire Fire is a Yoshi who wields pyrokinesis, much like Mika, and teleporting. He can be extremely giddy at times and lose control of his teleporting. He can get mad easily and when that happens, his body is covered in fire. He can be a real handful sometimes, but he is loved nonetheless. Popopo Prank War
200px Kyu Kyu is a demonic Popopo who tries to cause mischief in Fan City. However, he isn't the most evil Popopo (White could do better if he tried), so his evil plans turn out to be fun little pranks. Popopo Prank War
200px Mint Mint is a fellow Popopo who is great friends with Kyu. They even look similar! Mint helps out Kyu with his evil plans pranks, seeing as he's pretty sneaky and silent. Popopo Prank War


This section involves characters who only appear in a handful of episodes.


Season 1Edit

Note: Although the season finale has been confirmed, this season is not complete yet.

Season 1 is to contain a total of 20 episodes. 

Name Description Main Character(s) Notes
Welcome to the City! Celeste arrives in Fan City and everyone is excited to meet a princess! Then a boy named Taylor falls from the sky with no memory of what had happened to him and their attention is diverted. None, It involves most of the cast with equal roles


A Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy Jake decides to write a story about Fan City, so sets off to find out everything he can, meeting new friends along the way. Jake

Many references to A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Under Construction After the mess caused by the earthquake and Taylor's crash-landing, the gang decide to help Flip repair his shop. This leads to some weird and dangerous situations for the group. Flip First appearance of a character that is not the main in their series (Ashe)
Popopo Prank War

Kyu, a demonic Popopo, is causing mischief throughout Fan City, targeting White. There's only one way to settle this... Prank war!

White + Kyu + Mint None
Fiery Temper White and Mika find some stuff in common. Pyrokinesis stands out among the other shared interests. Upon discovering their fire powers, they seek a tutor. But their tutor is having trouble too! Mika + White + Fire None
A Day in my Shoes Ryouka becomes jealous of Celeste, resulting in the two of them swapping roles for the day. But everybody around town is acting weirdly. It's up to Mika Sho to get to the bottom of this! Ryouka + Celeste + Mika A "Freaky Friday" esque episode
The Princess And The Frog Flip and Celeste bond, but Flip wants to be more than just friends. Will he succeed in winning Celeste's heart? Probably not. He's just a frog, after all. Celeste + Flip Takes inspiration from the story of the same name
Don't Rain on my Parade Ryouka is put in charge of a parade and enlists help from her friends. But she was never told why they were hosting a parade. Taylor, Umbra and Danni are determined to find out! Ryouka + Taylor + Umbra + Danni None
A Rag Tag Team of Superheroes Jake stays up all night reading comic books, but falls asleep halfway through. He dreams of himself as a superhero! But who's the villain? Jake References to a lot of superheroes
The Obligatory April Fools Episode The whole city is acting strange. Well, stranger than usual. Squav is the good witch of the North, Data takes over the world, and everyone is genderswapped. wHaT iS hApPeNiNg Equal roles An April Fools episode
At the Dog Track General Scotch decides to enter his dogs in a greyhound race, but soon becomes obsessed. Can his fellow sidekicks help him out of his addiction? General Scotch Hardly any main characters appear
Audtions A famous director comes to Fan City and everyone wants a piece of the glory! Who will be chosen and who will be left behind? Characters play equal roles First part of the Take Five arc
Take Five After all the drama at home, it's time for some drama on set! But an accident happens during the filming and Taylor regains some memory! Taylor Second part of the Take Five arc

Playing With Props

The movie is postponed for a while, giving the friends a chance to hang out together. They find some rare artifacts and suddenly, everybody becomes extremely greedy for the treasures.

White Third part of the Take Five arc
Director's Cut Archolus is up to some mischief, turning the friends against eachother with his transforming abilities. Looks like it's up to Squav and Flip to save the day! This can't end well... Flip + Squav Fourth part of the Take Five arc
That's a Wrap! After auditioning for roles, suffering a serious injury, handling magical artifacts and facing a shapeshifter, their five star journey is finally over. The gang attend the premier but there's a strange atmosphere there. Something's wrong... TBC

Fifth part of the Take Five arc

Season finale




  • None of the character's personalities are the same as in the canon series
  • There are many references hidden throughout the series
    • The episode: A Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy is the most notable example
      • It is a reference to the book, A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
      • In addition, the number 42 appears frequently in this episode


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