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Bowie & White: Tidal Flames
Developer(s) Fandraxonian Enterprises

Zentech Studios

Publisher(s) Fandraxonian Enterprises

Zentech Studios

Platform(s) Fandraxo, NRS
Genre(s) Platformer
Series BowieQuest/Adventures of White
 Bowie & White: Tidal Flames is a crossover between the BowieQuest series and Adventures of White series.  This is the second crossover of the Bowie series, the first being Umbowie: Shadow Earth, and this is the first crossover of the Adventures of White series.



See here for most of the primary gameplay. Gary is a pallette swap of Samantha, only using ice instead of fire.

Your objective in BowieQuest stages is to collect the Key Pieces, which, if all 120 are collected, the Shadow Barrier falls and you can land an assult on Shadoo. There are ten in every level to collect, so keep a sharp eye out for them. You can now use an angel meter, which builds up when you destroy more and more enemies or objects. Once filled, pressing the B button activates your Angel Mega Form if you destroy mostly enemies. If mostly objects, then you turn into Devil Mega Form. A.M.F. concentrates mostly on speed and defense while D.M.F. concentrates more on power and health.

Adventures of WhiteEdit


Image Name Description Elemental Unlockable?
Bowie Everyone's favorite green teddy bear.  After the main events of BowieQuest IV, Bananas teams up with nasty Shadoo.  So Bowie, along with White, set out to save the world!  Bowie is a rock elemental that cares a lot about his friends and will do anything to help them. Rock No
White Fire No
Ashe One of the fattest teddy bears alive, Ashe is out and about.  He's kinda lazy but he uses his water fortunately for good and not for evil purposes.  He's very friendly and does anything he can to help. Aqua No
Blue Earth No
Samantha The somewhat hot wife of Bowie joins the fray as she wants to keep her husband safe...but does she know that Bowie is just not going to die?  Her anger converts into fire, which can destroy anything that is considered combustable. Fire No
Red Ice Yes
Paul The brother of Bowie, and the oldest of all bears, being at least 3,000 years old.  Sarcastic, witty, and intelligent, he lives up to his rank of being Bowie's rival.  He's gullable, so he sometimes turns against Bowie when he can't see a mistake. Electric No
Yellow Electricity Yes
Shelia The self-proclaimed "Queen of Beauty".  Shelia is a greedy teddy bear that commonly users her powers for malcious reasons.  Of course she fights for good but...she wants everything. Wind


Gain 10 keys and hand them over to Princess.

Icaadan Acid Yes
Jonathan Arguably the smartest teddy bear in the Bowie universe.  He's very into books, science, and even history.  He puts his intelligence to the test in many Bowie games, solving various puzzles. Darkness


Gain 20 keys and hand them over to Princess.

Orange Water Yes
Robert The strongest teddy bear in the BowieQuest universe.  His guts are as big as his brain is small.  Even though he's not intelligent, he's got so much strength that ripping apart a hill isn't all that troublesome.  He's friendly and attempts to make as many friends as he can. Strength


Gain 40 keys and hand them over to Princess.

Beat all of the BowieQuest stage records in the game that he set.

Shade Shadows Yes
Gary The coldest bear ever (literally and figuratively), he is not very fond of Bowie or his friends.  He has a large rivalry with Bowie and always attempts to win.  Despite these problems Gary is a great ally with skills as strong as ice. Ice


Gain 60 keys and hand them over to Princess.

Defeat Gary in combat three times.

Niobi Nature Yes



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Adventures of WhiteEdit

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