This page shows all the weapons that all the characters can use in Battle of Bracelets 5 as long as the player buy them, find them in the Story Mode, Patrol Mode and Mission Mode or earn them as prizes in other modes. There are several kinds of weapons, exactly 18: Swords, Scepters, Edges, Hammers, Orbitars, Arms, Legs, Guns, Disk Weapons, Bows, Spears, Projectiles, Palms, Armor Weapons, Claws, Pincers, Grimoires and Lasers.

Seven Great SwordsEdit

They are the seven main weapons of the game, the Sacred Great Swords. Depending on the energy or flux that it contains, each Great Sword has a different power. You can find them here.


  • Bronze Sword: This is one of the weakest weapons that a member of the royalty could use. This weapon is also cheap.
  • Silver Sword: This one can be considered the evolution of the Bronze Sword. It is more expensive and obviously, better.
  • Cherry-Petals Sword: The Cherry Petals that the sword throws while it is used is one of the most magnificent weapons that was created. It is also the most beautiful weapons that the user can get.
  • Medusa Sword: The edge of the sword looks like a snake and it's reflection can petrify your enemies. Besides, the weapon has the ability to poison the enemies when they are hurted.
  • Black Great Sword: This is one of the strongest weapons that the user can find. It's power is mixed with the energy of the Shadows, although it's power can be easily controlled.


Staffs and Scepters




Hammers and Clubs




  • Lethos Arm: This arm was created with the flux of the solar plasma. It was created by Lethos when a mythologic war started thousands years ago. But it's energy is one of the strongest ones of the world.




Guns and Cannons

Disk WeaponsEdit

Disks, Boomerangs and Plain Weapons


Bows and Arrows


  • Fluor Spear - This weapon was created by old alchemists who looked for the way to create the perfect weapon. The Fluor Spear was one of the results, mixes Light and Wind and hardly suffers oxidation.


  • Vajra - Divine arrow. Vajra was a weapon created by Indra, ancient god of climate. This electric arrow calls for the most powerful thunders. Vajra tends to have a stength of 10000 V minimum.
  • Asurastra - Divine arrow. This weapon can be considered a potential danger for humanity. Asura created this weapon to destroy the human species. This arrow contains a really harmful virus that can easily kill any person.
  • Devastra - Divine arrow. This weapon can be considered a powerful weapon that is contrary to Asurastra. Devas created a weapon whose power reminds a missile one. It is though that the weapon contains the antidote to the virus of the other weapon.



Armor WeaponsEdit

Armor Weapons and Musical Instruments




  • Cancer Pincers: Zodiac Weapon of fourth class. These pincers were created to copy the power of the Giant Crab. This weapon disappeared in the past although it was thought that it could be found in the floor of the sea. It was displayed to be true.


  • Abyss Grimoire - This is the forbidden grimoire in Atlantis. The power of this book contains the dark essence of the deep of the ocean. Probably, one of the most dangerous mixes of Water and Darkness.



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