This is the 13th chapter of "Battle of Bracelets: Melia West" and the 18th of "The Green Angel".

CHAPTER 18: The Road of the Gorge. Rocks are the Danger.Edit

In the last chapter of Battle of Bracelets, Aingeru left the hospital and decided to get the next Icon. In fact, he challenged Auri, the Icon fighter of Aurora City. After a long and hard fight, he tied with Auri and got the Icon. Elena tied as well and got the fourth Icon. Meanwhile, Ainhoa, Pablo and Xavier are travelling for the fourth Icon.

Drake: So... You almost kill the Green Bracelet.
Inferna: Yeah, although that stupid guy wasn't my objective. I made the roof fall over the Citron Bracelet and he saved her.
Garone: Hahahaha, what a stupid boy. Who would sacrify other person for anoth-?
Alange: Shut up! You understand nothing because you are more stupid than any of them.
A girl: You forgot some things, Garone. Or maybe you haven't heard about something called courtesy.
Garone: What are you talking about?
That girl: You will not understand it. Nonetheless, let me hunt some Golden Bracelets, hahaha!
Alange: I'm fine with it, good luck!

The girl left the room of the castle, Drake and Inferna went near the throne and Alange left the room behind said girl and Garone followed him.

Meanwhile, Aingeru, Elena, Rachel and Bruno started to walk to the next Icon. In the middle of the route, there is a village called Cosmonia. That was the middle of the gorge in which the route was found. Bruno warned that the latest days, the route ad suffered several detachments for some strange reason. It was thought that some animal was causing them. It was at the beginning of the afternoon and the four Golden Bracelets were going through the bridge of Aurora River and nothing weird was happening but suddenly, a giant rock fell behind them and blocked the river. a few seconds after, another rock fell in front of them.

to be continued...

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