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Ace of Spades
Developer(s) 150px
Publisher(s) 150px
Platform(s) Nintendo Retro System
Genre(s) Platformer, RPG, Puzzle
Release Date(s)
Single Player
Media Included NRS Disk
Series Ace of Spades
 Ace of Spades is a game by Zentech Studios. It is one of the first to be fully created and published by the company alone.


An unearthly event known as the Ultimate Trump occurs, splitting the city of New Viradis in half. One of the local residents, Ace Spadestrom, goes out to find out the cause of the damage, and possibly fix it.

More to come...


The game plays like a 2.5D platformer, with many puzzle-related elements. An important part of the gameplay is Cards, which have different effects, depending on their face and number, the worst being a 2, the best being an Ace.

More info to come.


Ace is an energetic 16-year-old girl, who used to lead a normal life. However, when the Ultimate Trump occurs, splitting her home town, New Viradis, in half, she had to go and fix the unearthly damage.
Trick is a young man, age 22, who seemingly caused the Ultimate Trump to occur. While he didn't actually cause it, he seem to think he did. He tries to cause Ace trouble in getting to the bottom of the Trump's cause, and won't hold back from doing anything crazy, if need be.
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